EAA Chapter 205


Chapter 205- Elder Brother Went Missing Part 2

“It has been half a year. Can it be that Yue Er came out of the sacred spirit spring?

The light in Xiao Tian Yu’s eyes moved slightly. He didn’t know how much improvement she had made from training behind closed doors for half a year, but he did know that it definitely wouldn’t be bad…

On Sheng Mountain, everyone was unable to look away from that person dressed in white.

What could be said? She definitely looked more extraordinary than she had in the past, her impeccable appearance radiating slightly in the sunlight. At this time, there was a smile on that beautiful face.


“Granddaughter, you have finally come out.” Old Man Xiao’s eyes lit up and he hastily went toward her. “Hehe! I don’t know how much you have improved in that half-year of closed door training.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly, but didn’t reply. Only she knew how much improvement she’d made in that half-year. If it hadn’t been for the sacred spirit spring, her improvements wouldn’t be so…

“Father, Yu Er,” Xiao Tian Yu rushed over. When he saw Old Man Xiao and Madam Sheng Yue here, he had a slightly serious expression on his handsome face. “Something has happened to Feng Er…”

The smile on Old Man Xiao’s face gradually faded. “Tian Er, what happened? What happened to Feng Er?” Madam Sheng Yue was also in shock as she looked with trepidation at Xiao Tian Yu.

‘Something had happened to Feng Er? With his cultivation, what could possibly have happened…’

“Somebody just came to report it.” Xiao Tian Yu took a deep breath. Even though it was really hard for him, he still told them. “Feng Er went missing. It is uncertain if he is still alive or not…”

Uncertain if he is still alive or not…

That phrase was like thunder to Madam Sheng Yue and her body wavered a couple of times.

“Yu Er!” Alarmed, Xiao Tian Yu hastily went to support Madam Sheng Yue’s delicate body. He asked worriedly, “Yu Er, are you alright?”

Madam Sheng Yue gripped Xiao Tian Yu’s arm. With a slight quaver in her voice, she queried, “Honey, that can’t be the truth, right? How can it be uncertain as to whether Feng Er is still alive or not? It must be false!”

“Yu Er…” Xiao Tian Yu’s heart ached for his beloved woman, but he didn’t know how to console her.

He also wasn’t willing to believe that Feng Er had gone missing, but he also couldn’t not believe it.

“No! I don’t believe it!” exclaimed Madam Sheng Yue. Tears flowed down her face as she kept shaking her head

She continued to say, “Feng Er must have gone somewhere alone. It must be that. He definitely wouldn’t go missing.”

Xiao Tian Yu sighed. “They met with danger before Feng Er went missing, so that is why it is uncertain whether Feng Er is still alive or not.”

The grip on Xiao Tian Yu’s hand gradually relaxed. Madam Sheng Yue’s face, filled with despair and sorrow, had paled considerably until it was sheet-white and her lips quivered slightly. The sight of it viciously pierced Xiao Tian Yu’s heart.

“I will make a trip to Nan City to look for elder brother,” said Mu Ru Yue calmly as she lifted her head.

Madam Sheng Yue’s heart trembled. She hastily pushed Xiao Tian Yu aside and rushed to stand before Mu Ru Yue, taking a firm hold of her shoulder.

“No! Yue Er, you are forbidden to go there! Something has happened to your elder brother already. Nothing must happen to you again. I definitely won’t permit you to go!”

Now, she held a fear that she’d never experienced before. Feng Er and Yue Er were both her children. Nothing must happen to either of them.

Moreover, this mother and daughter pair had already been separated for almost sixteen years. They’d just reunited with each other after such difficulty. How could she allow her daughter to put herself at risk? She didn’t want to lose her again…

“Yue Er, don’t go. I am begging you as your mother. Please don’t go to that place.”

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    1. You remind me of the scene where she went back with that shota of a king to the sun kingdom(?) while singing to say good bye to her hometown

  1. Is the Nangong Eldest miss was the person who is mentioned by (i dont know who) that “There was a person whom with all the mighty she has will try to ruin relationship between MXY and YWC”..forgot the chapter but it happened while YWC using mask and chasing MXY whom suddenly missing in cloud..So it means that both Nangong Eldest Miss and YWC regain both memories…or is it possible that Nangong Eldest Miss is also cross over girl???

    More..and more getting interesting…thank you for translating it Miki

  2. Thanks for the translation!!

    OMG your song is from Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, I absolutely love that anime. I have this song on my phone and I have listened to it so many times. Your cover was so sweet 🙂

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