EAA Chapter 206


Chapter 206 – Elder Brother Went Missing Part 3

Madam Sheng Yue’s voice trembled. There was an unprecedented level of fear in her beautiful eyes… and also a trace of hatred. The Nangong family, it definitely must have been the Nangong family.

They had already taken her daughter away from her almost sixteen years ago and now they wanted to kill her son after she had reunited with her daughter after those sixteen years? She definitely wouldn’t let those people’s sinister plots succeed!

“Yu Er.” Xiao Tian Yu walked over and embraced Madam Sheng Yue as he consoled her, “Don’t worry. Feng Er has the blessings of the heavens. Nothing will happen to him.”

However, since something had happened to Feng Er, Xiao Tian Yu was certain that the Nangong family already had a secret force. If he couldn’t find the source of that power, then his Xiao family would be in danger.


Now was definitely not the time to fight head on with the Nangong family.

“If no one had stopped me those sixteen years ago, I would have already annihilated the Nangong family.” Xiao Tian Yu tossed a cold gaze at the elders.

It was a pity that ‘if only’ didn’t exist in the world…

The elders looking at him before lowering their heads in guilt.

At that time, Madam Sheng Yue had just been a Young Madam of the Xiao family and hadn’t yet become the governor of the sacred spirit spring. Thus, the elders had stood up to stop Xiao Tian Yu from annihilating the Nangong family.

If Madam Sheng Yue had had her current identity at that time, she could have suppressed those old fellows…

“Mother,” said Mu Ru Yue with a faint smile as she held onto Madam Sheng Yue’s shivering hand. “Nangong Zi Feng wants to deal with me. I am unsatisfied to be hated by someone I don’t even know, so I must make a trip to Nan City and investigate the situation. But I can promise you that I won’t be in any danger. Moreover, don’t I have Yan Jin to protect me?”

“But…” Madam Sheng Yue’s heart fluttered and couldn’t seem to settle down. She pursed her lips and shook her head frantically, her fear outweighing everything. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Something had already happened to her son. She mustn’t endanger her daughter as well.

“Yue Er, I’m on your mother’s side this time. No matter what, you must not go to that place. I will settle this matter. I will definitely locate Feng Er.” Xiao Tian Yu’s handsome face was resolute. With determination in his eyes, he said, “My Xiao Tian Yu’s son wouldn’t die so easily.”

“Great, you said it right.” Old Man Xiao clapped. “Tian Er, I want you to assemble all of our Xiao family’s forces and search for Feng Er with the full might of this family. No matter what, as long as we find his location, even if… even if it’s his… we must bring him back.”

Old Man Xiao just couldn’t say the word ‘corpse’.

“Husband.” Madam Sheng Yue slowly calmed down. She took down the decree tablet from her waist and placed it in Xiao Tian Yu’s hand. “This is my identity decree tablet. Pass down my order as Madam Sheng Yue that if anyone finds Feng Er’s location, I will let him train in the sacred spirit spring for half a year.”

This was a special privilege that the owner of the sacred spirit spring possessed.

Who in Sheng Domain wouldn’t sell their life to be able to train in the sacred spirit spring? It was because of this that some families feared the Xiao family.

Xiao Tian Yu took the decree tablet and nodded his head slightly. “Yu Er, wait for my news. No matter who it is, they cannot touch our son and daughter. If the Nangong family has really done something to Feng Er, I will completely annihilate that family!”

A cold killing intent burned in his eyes as Xiao Tian Yu made this solemn promise.

Nangong family, it would be in your best interest to pray that nothing has happened to Feng Er. If something happened to him, then even if your Nangong family has become dangerous, I will use the entire Xiao family’s power to fight you to the bitter end…’

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