EAA Chapter 207


Chapter 207- Hidden Love Rival Part 1

In the backyard of the Nangong family, a white-clothed girl sat inside a pavilion, a snow-white belt hanging from her waist. She was as devastatingly beautiful as a fairy.

The girl looked approximately nineteen. She had a gentle and beautiful appearance, and her soft gaze looked through the forest to rest on a nearby man-made mountain. Nobody, however, was able to determine exactly what she was looking at.

“Elder brother Zi Huang, no, it should be elder brother Wu Chen now. It has been some time since we’ve last seen each other. I wonder if you still remember me. Initially, I was that orphan of the Zi family…”

An expert’s life span was usually slow-moving and long, especially after stepping into the Xiantian Complete Great Circle Realm or higher cultivation. But no matter how tenacious a life was, it still wouldn’t continue on forever, even if one had reached the peak of the world.


A human would definitely die one day, no matter how powerful that person was.

She had used too much time waiting for him, yet he hadn’t returned. At that time, she had used a rebirth by possession technique to continue on…

Even though this body’s innate talent wasn’t that bad, her physique was simply too terrible. Otherwise, her strength would have recovered quicker. She would then have been able to search for her elder brother Zi Huang quicker.

Perhaps it was the thought of those ice-cold purple eyes that made Nangong Zi Feng smile bitterly. That man’s demeanor preventing anyone from approaching him, excluding that girl.

Even if she were the adopted daughter of the Zi family…

Of course, Mu Ru Yue definitely wouldn’t know about these matters. She was still wracking her head for ideas on how to convince Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue to allow her to go to Nan City and search for Xiao Feng. Moreover, she was very curious about this Nangong Zi Feng.

It was too dangerous to allow her enemy to stay in the dark.

If she didn’t figure out her goals, she wouldn’t be able to sleep…

“Little girl, if you really want to go there, how about we just leave sneakily?” Yan Jin looked at the young girl before him, his lips curling into a dashing smile.

Mu Ru Yue shook her head. “I can’t. Father and mother are so worried about this, so I definitely can’t leave that way. That’s right…”

The light in her eyes suddenly lit up. “I’ve heard that there will be a large event hosted by the Medicine Sect of Sheng Domain. I can use that excuse to leave the Xiao family temporarily. I will then conveniently make a trip to Nan City before heading to participate in that event.”

No matter what, she would have to go and search for Xiao Feng and investigate Nangong Zi Feng’s intentions.

She didn’t continue to dally after thinking of this. She went to look for Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue. When Madam Sheng Yue heard that Mu Ru Yue wanted to participate in the Medicine Sect’s large event, she was slightly suspicious but still didn’t stop her and just told her to keep an eye on her safety.

Medicine Sect and Nan City were rather far from each other, so Madam Sheng Yue wasn’t as worried. Moreover, if she wasn’t with the Xiao family, they could freely carry out their plans and avoid endangering her life when the two families fought against one another…

“Yue Er, I have an acquaintance within the Medicine Sect.” Madam Sheng Yue stood up smilingly. She spoke gently as she caressed the young girl’s hair lovingly. “If you meet him, you can tell him that you are my daughter. He will take good care of you.”

“An acquaintance?” Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at Madam Sheng Yue.

Madam Sheng Yue nodded slightly. “That old fellow is my master, but I didn’t have the talent of becoming an alchemist so I could only learn martial skills from him. Only a small minority of people know his name. Others call him Senior Dan. If you meet with Senior Dan, remember to send him my regards.”

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  1. The Bitch that tried to seperate those two in this life and previous one has finally make an appearance…

  2. So they are starting to regain their past memories, huh! If she thinks that trying to separate them like that would help her get Wu Chen, then she’s in for the worst!! Hmph, no wonder why Wu Chen didn’t like her in their past life, she’s despicable!! Thanks for the chapter!!

  3. But you know I wouldn’t call her a bitch while not knowing her reasons and her past -I mean what if we got it wrong (I doubt it as in most cases in stories like this, the MC is always right -but just what if!), I mean she said she was waiting for him… And it’s either he promised her that he’ll come back or she’s just… waiting
    Thanks for the chapter!

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