EAA Chapter 209


Chapter 209- Hidden Love Rival Part 3

The Nangong family held the superior position within Nan City, similar to the Xiao family in Sheng Domain. Therefore, the power wielded by the Nangong family could hardly be considered weak. This was especially true after Nangong Zi Feng’s reincarnation. After that, the family’s power had increased drastically.

At the edge of a forest near the seat of  the Nangong family, a man sat, resting on the ground. His face was obscured by a silver mask and his purple robe fluttered lightly without the assistance of the wind. He emitted a tyrannical aura that melded with and was reinforced by his nobility.

Suddenly, the man opened his purple eyes, his sight drawn toward that which had disturbed his rest…

A young girl rushed hurriedly out of the forest, her pale complexion and blood-stained clothing conspicuous.  Her mussed clothing was slightly open at her chest, exposing white, tender skin.


The young girl had a familiar devastatingly beautiful appearance coupled with ice-cold eyes. Her lips were slightly curve in a seductive smile.

If other men had seen such a beauty, they would be unable to stay calm…

“Mu Er?” The purple eyed man stood up and dusted his robe. Just as he started to walk toward her, his gaze suddenly chilled. A trace of killing intent could be seen within his charming eyes as he asked, emphasizing every syllable, “Who are you?!”

When the young girl saw the man starting to walk toward her, she was elated. But who knew that the man would ask for her identity before taking even one step toward her.

She’d thought her acting had been flawlessly done. Yet why had he asked her that then? Could it be to test her? That’s right, this was definitely the case…

“I am… Mu Ru Yue.”

The young girl had initially wanted to call out the man’s name, but then remembered that Mu Ru Yue was still clueless about his identity. Thus, she swallowed his name back into her throat and instead focused on using Mu Ru Yue’s characteristic coldness in her speech.

The man didn’t say anything.  He just walked with light steps toward the young girl.

As he advanced, the girl’s heart pumped rapidly. She was about to succeed! Mistress had promised her that, if she succeeded, she would find ten exceptional guys for her to enjoy…

It was a pity that she couldn’t touch this particular man as mistress had forbidden her from having any relationship with him, even if it was just to hold hands. It was really torturous for her heart that she could look at such a man, but was forbidden to make any form of contact with him.

Yet, she didn’t dare to disobey her mistress’s order.

When that woman acted merciless, it would end with a life worse than death.

When the man extended his hand toward her, the girl thought that he wanted to pull her up.


A black flame sprang to life in his hand, enclosing her in fire…


Within the flames, she let out heart-wrenching shrieks.

The young girl clenched her teeth tightly as she glared furiously at the man. “How did you figure it out?”

The man glanced dispassionately at her. With a ruthless gleam in his purple eyes, he explained, “No matter how one disguises themselves, their eyes won’t change. Your greed sold you out early on. More importantly… I have engraved her every expression and smile within my heart. I only needed a glance to know that you were an imposter.”

‘I have engraved her every expression and smile within my heart…’

The young girl’s heart shuddered violently as she looked at him in astonishment through the black flames. Just how much love did he have for that girl for him to remember her every expression and smile within his heart? Such strong and genuine feelings elicited traces of jealousy and admiration in others.

The man’s back was turned toward the young girl. It seemed as though he were muttering to himself, but at the same time also talking to the girl.

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  1. Miki your so harsh ? you dont have to prove your existence i know you exist of course you exist oh well it was funny ?

  2. Lol, so in the end it really was him!! So he really did regain his past memories or something…. but isn’t he gonna try to figure out who’s trying to plot against him and Mu’er, or he already knows. Thanks for the chapter!!

  3. Never sure how to react to a coherent dialogue between two while one partner is burning up. Like on flames. Like soul burning flames.
    As in I-am-dying-in-horrendous-pains-but-anyways-how-is-the-wheather kind of situation. (◉︿◉)

  4. I really dont know what happened to him? After he fought with that saintess clan whatsoever he became like that, an aloof weirdo, and i dont quite understand why? Did i miss some chapters? I really dont like the mc having a love rival, it makes my blood boil because of her appearance… ?, and why the hell must he hide his identity to her again? Just having his eyes became purple means that she cant recognize him? Why? I dont know why but my heart is heavy because of this… and what happend to her massacre the heaven’s clan? Did she just leave them at the outher world? At the pheonix city while her in the shiendong what so ever city? I wish that guy is still beside her solving those problems together not them seperated. And before i forgot, i thought that madam xiao will pusnish that ungrateful crown prince of the kingdom of of zieng do (is this the name of that place)?(Sorry guys i dont remember most of the names, its hard to remember names that im not used to) im irritated but at the same time still wanting to know what will happen next… is my comment a spoiler? Sorry, i just want to let out what i was thinking after reading the previous chapter up until now.

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