EAA Chapter 210


Chapter 210- Hidden Love Rival Part 4

“I have always from the start watched her slender back, ever since I met her. Her smile… the view of her back, her expression when she was angered, and even her serious appearance. All of this has already been carved into my heart. When I compared all of that held inside my heart with you, I knew you were just a fake.”

When one genuinely loves someone, even if another with an identical appearance appears before them, one would only need a single glance to know that that person wasn’t their beloved.

No matter how identical that person looked, she still wouldn’t be the beloved person branded in his heart…

The young girl’s eyes widened fearfully as terror permeated her heart.


How could such a man exist in this world and only allow a single girl to fill his heart? He hadn’t been captivated by her appearance and hadn’t hesitated in threatening to kill her.

He just needed a single look to know she wasn’t the genuine Mu Ru Yue.

The man didn’t look back, his purple robes vanishing into the forest, leaving behind a young girl struggling in black flames.

Nangong Zi Feng suddenly opened her eyes from within the Nangong family. Her gaze frosted over.


Fang Xiang had failed, and now even Fang Yi had lost…

It seemed the two hearts were solidly connected and her trap had been discovered. It was fortunate that she hadn’t personally disguise herself as that woman since her current strength was still insufficient to oppose his.

Nangong Zi Feng was relieved when she thought about that decision. She had originally wanted to impersonate that woman so that she could be pampered and loved by him. Moreover, that woman couldn’t stand sand in her eyes, so if her fiance really had done something that disappointed her, then there would only be one outcome.

She would leave him.

However, she then considered his strength and feared exposing herself, so she had decided to let someone else take the risk in the end. Otherwise, the one who would’ve died this time would have been her!

Nangong Zi Feng understood better than others the man she had once fallen deeply for.

Everyone, except Mu Ru Yue, meant nothing to him. Even if he were to massacre the entire world and burn their spirits to ashes, he probably wouldn’t even frown in the slightest if he did it for her.

In the past, he had personally annihilated a significant power because of his anger on behalf of his beloved, letting not even a single person off.

“This aura…” The light in Nangong Zi Feng’s eyes moved, and her gaze hardened. “I’m sure it’s her. She is so brazen, to actually come knocking on my door. It seems that when Fang Xiang failed, he leaked some information to her. It appears that she has come to better understand the situation.”

With a sneer, Nangong Zi Yue stood up and vanished from the room the next instant.

Just when Mu Ru Yue raised her head within the courtyard, a freezing aura blasted over from the front, forcing her to dodge hastily to the side. The blast froze the entire tree behind where she had been standing.

A woman stood beneath the moonlight, her hair fluttering, looking as ethereally beautiful as a fairy with her white clothes. But her face was cast in unforgiving lines as she looked icily at Mu Ru Yue.

Even Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but gasp. This woman truly was very beautiful. But she still did not recognize her or why she suddenly felt a surge of animosity toward this woman.

“You are Nangong Zi Feng?” Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at the woman beneath the moon as she asked indifferently.

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  1. Some think he is a very great man. But, for me, he is just a creepy man : How can you kill someone like that ! He didn’t the identity of the girl nor if she was an enemy or just an innocent servant who do her job… And he kill the ninja girl before ! I DON’T like this men . Meaannn people shall die !!!!

    1. Uh huh, because someone who’s pretending to be your beloved could possibly have good intentions.

      Glad he slaughtered the slut immediately. She was doing this only to have ten men. That is the very definition of a slut. Good riddance, don’t need the author to be wasting more words with this farce. It would be pretty disappointing if Wu Chen got lead around by this fake for too long.

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