EAA Chapter 211


Chapter 211 – Hidden Love Rival Part 5

Nangong Zi Feng’s gaze was as cold as snow as she looked at Mu Ru Yue. “Who would have thought that Senior Yue from the Chi Zha Central Region would be so weak now?”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes as she looked coldly at Nangong Zi Feng, demanding, “Who are you?!”

“Who am I? You don’t know?” Nangong Zi Feng chuckled lightly, but the hardness in her eyes didn’t disappear. “Oh! I had forgotten that you are different from me. Not only did your soul scatter after your death, a part of it even went to a different world and has just returned here.

“I, on the other hand, revived myself through possession. Not only have I retained my memory and a portion of my strength, but now,  Senior Yue, I have also become stronger than you currently are! You are no longer the revered expert of the central region, nor do you have Senior Yue’s decree that could lure countless experts to work for you. The current you is just a lowly weakling, an ant that cannot even enter the central region.”


She looked down on Mu Ru Yue, as if there were miles separating them. The derision in her eyes was so obvious.

Mu Ru Yue’s heart clenched violently at that moment. She didn’t know why, but an oddly familiar feeling surfaced from within her heart at Nangong Zi Feng’s words.

‘Senior Yue?’

‘Who was she…’

“Nangong Zi Feng, I have a matter that I want to ask of you. Why did you make someone impersonate Ye Wu Chen and come to my side? What is your goal?”

Nangong Zi Feng curled her lips coldly and said, in a voice that could freeze a listener’s heart, “The reason is because I hate you! Mu Ru Yue, I hate the you from the previous life and now even the you in this life. He loved you just because you were stronger and more outstanding than me? The Zi family was satisfied with you as their mistress? Yet no one thought about me, nor did they care about the little orphan that was adopted due to the kindness of one of the members of the Zi family. I knew that, with my identity, I was incompatible with him. I was satisfied with merely being a small concubine to him. But do you know what he said? He said that he wouldn’t touch any girl other than you in his entire life, that just looking at another girl disgusted him.”

A needle-like pain pierced her heart as she remembered those words.

It had caused her to suffer so much all those years, but she still couldn’t let him go…

“I couldn’t bear it, so I went to look for my foster parents and even the elders of the Zi family. I abandoned my pride and lost face to plead for a position. My foster parents had cared about me before you appeared. But after you came, they placed all of their care on you. When I told them my plans, their expressions changed and they said that we should sort it out ourselves and that they wouldn’t interfere. Hehe! That’s why, when elder brother Zi Huang and you planned to fight against fate to save the Zi family, I made my move and let you two die from heaven’s calamity.”

Furthermore, they didn’t know that she had been the mastermind behind the Zi family’s calamity. Since her adopted parents didn’t treat her well, they shouldn’t blame her for being ruthless. She, however, didn’t expect that this woman and elder brother Zi Huang would try to go against fate for the thousand lives of the Zi family. How could she let them succeed? Hence, she had disrupted their concentration, preventing them from being able to withstand heaven’s calamity, and causing them to die from it…

She would be unable to forget for all eternity how she’d chopped off all of their son’s limbs in order to distract them. She then secretly tossed him before them. When the two had seen their adorable son turned into such a state, their focus had shattered, as expected, making them vulnerable to heaven’s calamity…

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  1. Omg what with the soul? And parts of the soul thing? Could it be kinda similar with the novel Peach blossoms something? The one with three lives and stuff? Or the part where Yue thought she only transmigrated but the truth is she didn’t? Since originally that was hers to begin with? Gyaaa~ it’s soooo mysterious l? Thanks for the teaser Miki-sama!!

    | ̄””‘、
    |ω` |
    ⊂  ;゙  
    |   / This girl is the btch
    |U”” She killed a innocent child cause she’s jealous grrr (╯°口°)╯┴—┴

  3. I actually understand her, she desperately want to be a part of her loved one, and shattered when he reject her. Unfortunately, her jealousy and pettiness make her fallen to the dark side.

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