EAA Chapter 213


Chapter 213 – You Are Wu Chen, Right? Part 2

“Little girl, quickly get back!”

Yan Jin’s expression changed as he yelled at the young girl behind him.

“You’re such a loyal subordinate for protecting your mistress.” Nangong Zi Feng smiled mockingly as she coldly looked past Yan Jin, her gaze landing on Mu Ru Yue. “If this were your previous incarnation, I wouldn’t have even the slightest chance of touching you. It’s unfortunate for you that while you had your good years, now you are having your bad years. It’s true I was not comparable to you in the past, but now you are just an ant that I look down upon.”

Even though Nangong Zi Feng’s strength had decreased drastically from being reborn through possession, she had still been able to retain a portion of her strength. It was due to this that she had been able to bring overwhelming power to the Nangong family.


Yet, she hadn’t forgotten her one desire since the start…

It was to seek this woman out and kill her!

She had been searching for her elder brother Zi Huang and this woman for all these years. She knew that once there was a suitable mother’s body, the two would be reincarnated into humans. However, it was a pity that they would no longer be the experts they’d once been in the past as it made finding them a little arduous. She hadn’t even been able to feel their presence on her deathbed.

However, recently, elder brother Zi Huang seemed to have met with some stroke of luck that allowed  him to radiate a lot of the power from his past life. She had used that opportunity to find him.

It was sad that, with elder brother Zi Huang’s current strength, he wasn’t able to fully control that power and it would even burst forth without warning. It was probably due to him being unwilling to hurt his woman that elder brother Zi Huang always looked after her from the dark…

It didn’t matter whether it was the previous life or this one, her elder brother Zi Huang possessed such a deep capacity for love. But still that intense love was again not directed toward her… Nangong Zi Feng’s heart was pierced so violently that she couldn’t stand it. It felt as though a sword had been used to cut her heart into pieces, bleeding her dry.

She took a deep breath to calm her emotions. The faint chill of the night helped to eventually clear her mind. At this moment, Yan Jin took advantage of her break in focus to attack her. His powerful aura surged drastically. Black flames sprang to life at his fingertips and his figure blurred before he seemed to instantaneously arrived before her.

His palm struck Nangong Zi Feng’s chest, forcing her to retreat a few steps. Her extraordinary face darkened in anger. This annoying brat was able to hurt her!

He was just a puny magical beast that had barely entered the Xiantian realm. He was less than an ant to her, a Xiantian Mid Rank expert.

“Since you are willing to protect her to such an extent, go and die with her then!”

Nangong Zi Feng’s aura welled up once more.

Under the night, her white clothes fluttered and her hair danced in the wind. If someone were able to ignore the vicious hatred in her eyes, then Nangong Zi Feng looked sweetly alluring.

It was a pity that her beauty was marred by that sinister and venomous aura…

Mu Ru Yue placed her finger on her storage ring. After all, she hadn’t come here on an impulse. She was naturally perfectly prepared for all contingencies . Even if she couldn’t defeat Nangong Zi Feng, she could still use her pills to escape.

“Little girl, be careful!”

Yan Jin paled and shouted out to her as his black robes soared through the sky, charging toward the little girl luminous beneath the moon. At this moment, a purple-clad figure suddenly appeared and, in a blink of an eye, the little girl was safely in his arms.

The embrace of this man was warm, and she could detect a familiar scent. Mu Ru Yue’s body stiffened slightly, and with slightly quivering lips, she muttered, “Wu Chen…”

‘Is the person currently embracing her Wu Chen?’

If it wasn’t, then why did this embrace bring her so much security? It was as though her man had returned to her side…

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  1. Agreed miki. But sadly this is chinese writing ‘Oh my this person is strong and can bash me to death let me keep offending or try to kill them.’

  2. Completely agree, Miki-san. Relationship should be built upon trust.
    Sometimes, the people you love (and want) didn’t love (and want) you back, then it’s best to move on. No matter how hard and hurt it felt. Been there, done that (I’m in dark mood too…..)

  3. I start to lose my interest in this novel, the enemy are all the same… Well I still like MRY and I support her with all my might.

  4. If he doesnt love you whatever you do to make him love you is useless………best is to leave him be……..and to remember it is his loss but your gain

  5. What a virus? But I was so sure that she was a mere bacteria that thinks she is every thing just because we were too lazy to deal with her and gave her time to reproduce even though she could be utterly destroyed by antibiotics easily… Wow I just realized how nerdy that sounded… Oh well it’s true. Thanks for the chapter!

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