EAA Chapter 232


Chapter 232 – Earth Stage Peak Rank Alchemist Part 1

“Wu Chen, I will try to manufacture an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill. Please guard the door for me and forbid anyone from coming to disturb me.”

Inside the room, Mu Ru Yue’s expression became focused. An Earth Stage Peak Rank pill was significantly more difficult to manufacture than a High Rank one. She didn’t know if she would be able to manufacture it.

Since time was running out, and she didn’t know when Wu Chen’s power might erupt again, she had to try to manufacture the Purple Gold Pill now…

Ye Wu Chen nodded slightly and walked out after looking at Mu Ru Yue.


Once he left, the entire room turned quiet.

Mu Ru Yue took a deep breath and focused on the Phoenix Furnace.

The ingredients for the Purple Gold Pill were very precious. Ye Wu Chen hadn’t been by her side today in order to help her seek the ingredients. But with her abilities, manufacturing the Purple Gold Pill would still be pushing it a little.

With a slight raise of her hand, Mu Ru Yue placed the ingredients onto the table by her side.


A flame rose from her palm and landed at the bottom of the Phoenix Furnace.

Continuous stream of energy went into the the furnace and wrapped around the medicinal plants within…

Mu Ru Yue looked at the medicinal plants that were slowly liquefying. She then expanded her mental power, inserting it into the furnace. With the insertion of her mental power, the medicinal plant fluids flowed quietly inside the Phoenix Furnace.

She blew a mouthful of air before she took more medicinal plants from her side and tossed it into the Phoenix Furnace.

Mental power was the most important element in pill refining, but coordinating it with energy was equally important. Mu Ru Yue’s mental power was indeed more than sufficient, but if her energy wasn’t enough, then the refining of the pill would still fail.

Generally, refining a Human Stage pill’s only used a small amount of energy and didn’t have many requirements. However, refining an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill required a lot of energy, and that energy must be from a Xiantian stage practitioner.

Additionally, if one wanted to refine a Mundane Stage pill and be a Mundane Stage alchemist, one must reach the Xiantian Mid Rank Stage.

It was due to this that Mu Ru Yue hadn’t tried refining an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill.

But this time, she couldn’t help but risk it…

Ye Wu Chen wouldn’t be able to wait any longer.

Still, mental power was more important than energy to alchemists. It was difficult to increase it, and Mu Ru Yue was probably the only one who innately possessed such tyrannical mental power. It could be said that with every breakthrough of her strength, she would be able to create the next level of pills…

Mu Ru Yue inserted all of her energy into the Phoenix Furnace. At this same time, her mental power seemed to cover heaven and earth. Perhaps, due to her large consumption of powers, her face paled. Perspiration flowed down her face.

“Why is this happening now?!”

Outside the room, Ye Wu Chen’s complexion changed. His black powers seemed to grow, as though it stopped listening to his orders. He was unable to suppress it no matter how hard he tried.

“No! Mu Er is still inside. I must control it!”

Ye Wu Chen clenched his fists tightly. His charming face instantly paled as the power rampaged throughout his body. A trail of blood gradually trickled from his lips.

Perhaps, due to being unable to release itself, the power had become unsatisfied so quickly. Ye Wu Chen’s internal organs was suffering a lot of injuries.

If it had been any normal time, then he would have been unable to control it and would thus release his power. But when he was close to losing control over the power, he turned his head to look at the closed door behind him. His tightly clenched fists gradually opened.

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