EAA Chapter 341


Chapter 341  -Subduing A Divine Beast And Half A Year of Closed Door Training Part 3

Bai Ze’s feelings for Senior Yue had been clear to everyone, excluding Senior Yue who was rather dense with relationships. At the end, it was due to Zi Feng threatening him with Senior Yue’s son that led to him risking his life and falling for her trap. Thus, it resulted in him being trapped within the Hundred Valleys for thousands of years.

Yet, since it had been for her son, Bai Ze didn’t regret it.

If not, then with Bai Ze’s power how could that woman be able to roam about for so long? Moreover, Bai Ze was someone she was most apprehensive of, excluding Senior Yue and Zi Huang themselves, so she set the trap to restrain him.

Hong Yun and Hui Ying smiled bitterly at each other. “Didn’t Lord Bai Ze tell us previously that Senior Yue would return and had us wait for her here? I also believe that a woman as peerless and formidable as her won’t perish from the world for good. There will be a day when she makes her majestic return.”


That was right, they had always believed that formidable woman would return to the Central Region.

White light covered the land. Mu Ru Yue felt slightly uncomfortable as the light shown down upon her. She raised her hand to block the eye-piercing light. She only put down her hand after a while.

“Where is this place?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows creased as she muttered the question.

Suddenly, a babyish voice was heard. “This is the world of the Alchemy Book.”

“Alchemy Book?”

“That’s right, the Alchemy Book in your possession wasn’t the genuine Alchemy Book. It was just the key to the Alchemy Book. This place is the authentic ancient Alchemy Book. I am the ancient Alchemy Book’s guardian protector divine beast, the Heavenly Dragon.”

“Divine beast?” Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she shifted her gaze toward a jade carved face that appeared through the layers of white light.

It was undeniable that this toddlers appearance was like a jade carving. It was incredibly adorable. A candid smile was on that pure white face, and its ith silver large eyes blinked. Its long eyelashes were as dense and complex as a forest. Its tiny body looked soft like a little bun, causing people to want to hug it tight and kiss it.

“You are a divine beast?”

Mu Ru Yue was greatly shocked as no divine beast appeared in the world before.

“I am indeed a divine beast…” The small child giggled adorably as he continued, “A divine beast’s son…”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened. “Can’t you say things clearly? The son of a divine beast isn’t a divine beast so you aren’t a divine beast?”

The little child was displeased by what Mu Ru Yue said. With eyes that turned red suddenly, it said with grief, “You scolded me.”

“When did I scold you?”

“You just did it just now.” The little child’s eyes glimmered with sparkling, translucent tears. With grief in its eyes, he said, “My parents are divine beast so my body contains the bloodline of divine beast. I will definitely become a divine beast in the future.”

“Where are your parents?” Mu Ru Yue looked at the jade-carved face of the little child and asked with a raise of her brow.

The little child shook its head and said, “I don’t know. My parents soared through space and left this world. I don’t know where they traveled to. They returned once and told me of a place with tall buildings and several metal coated rhinoceros that ran about. There were also metal skinned bird that flew in the sky. People would even appear in several large boxes…”

His large eyes blinked gently as the little child reminisced of the past.

“I want to become a divine beast as soon as possible so I can break through space to look for my parents.”

‘Tall buildings? Cars? Planes? Television?’ Mu Ru Yue thought with shock before she looked astonishingly at the little child and asked, “Can it be that your parents went to Hua Xia?”

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