EAA Chapter 398


Chapter 398 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 6

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath. With a flick of her finger, a flame was shot toward the bottom of the Phoenix Furnace.


A flame rose…

Xiao Bai supported his cheeks with his hands as he watched Mu Ru Yue. Satisfied smiles gathered in his large eyes.


The Academy possessed unprecedented tranquility after Mu Ru Yue entered closed door training to refine pills. Everyone thought that Fu Li would start a commotion, but he didn’t do anything.

It was like the calm before a storm…

“Qiu Yu, what do you think that fellow Fu Li is up to?” Song Ran’s brows rose as he turned his head to the elder beside him. “According to that old fellow’s way of life in avenging his grudges, how can he take it lying down? Yet, he didn’t do anything. It’s strange. Really strange!”

Hehe!” Qiu Yu stroke his snow-white brows and chuckled. “He may be plotting something sinister. Song Ran, Qi Rong should be returning soon…”

Song Ran’s expression darkened instantly.

Qi Rong was the dean’s apprentice senior. The dean also had to be respectful to her. Her eyes couldn’t stand a grain of sand and she was especially harsh toward those that didn’t place importance on the rules of the academy.

If she wanted to seek trouble with the little girl, only the ancestors could make her yield…

At the same time while they were discussing, Fu Li suddenly stood up from his seat inside a wing as he exclaimed excitedly, “Is what you said the truth? Lord Qi Rong is finally back? Haha! This is great. Once Lord Qi Rong returns, it will be the death date of that little girl. You are all to immediately spread everything that had happened recently. You are to make it as exaggerated as you can to your utmost capabilities. Lord Qi Rong would never permit anyone to commit such sins in the academy!”

Fu Li raised his head and burst out laughing.

‘Song Ran, I shall see if you can still harbor her this time. Even if the deans stands on your side, she will still be expelled from the academy if she doesn’t die!

‘Lord Qi Rong will never let anyone ignore the rules of the academy.’

An old woman stood in the dean’s room. With her silver hair fluttering in the breeze, her back faced the elder that came in from the courtyard. She then raised her head slightly and said, “Luo Yin, I’ve heard what had recently happened in the academy.”

“Apprentice senior…”

“You are still treating me as a senior?” Qi Rong turned her head to him and expressed displeasure on her elderly wrinkle-filled face. She then said coldly, “When your master passed, he gave this academy to you. Is this how you take charge of it? Do you know what the world is saying? They are saying that the academy harbors this disciple, allowing them to kill disciples of the same sect! Killing of disciples is forbidden in all powers. Furthermore, what did you do?”

Qi Rong’s expression was strict as she spoke with pressure in her cold voice.

Luo Yin frowned as he explained, “Those people were in the wrong first. Moreover, she just scrapped Liu Li’s cultivation and didn’t kill her. Even in Lin Ruo Ying’s case, she didn’t kill her in the end.”

Hehe!” Qi Rong chuckled coldly as she rebuked furiously, “Luo Yin, you are still explaining for her actions? Even if Lin Ruo Ying was shameless, she wouldn’t be able to do such a thing in public. You should know the truth clearer than anyone! Setting up a disciple of the same sect is also a great sin!”

Luo Yin was stunned. He remained silent with a crease of his brows for a moment. A trace of cold intent flashed in his eyes as he said, “Apprentice senior, I respect you as you are my senior, but I am the dean of the Central Region Academy before anything else. More importantly, you definitely cannot make a move on that little girl!”

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