EAA Chapter 545


Chapter 545- Submissive And Handsome Mo Xi Part 3

She indeed needed to have an understanding of the powers in Realmless as it might give her a lot of help in the future…

Sounds of items crashing to the floor could be heard inside a lady’s chamber of Liu Manor.

Liu Yu swept her arm across the table, making all the porcelain teaware fall to the ground. Her slightly above-average beautiful face was twisted. With a sinister gaze, she muttered, “That girl’s luck is just too good. She is able to make people help her with just that face of her’s! Damn it!”


‘Elder brother Shao Chen is mine! No girl can snatch him away from me.’

Liu Yu’s lips curled up into a sinister smile as a trace of maliciousness flashed in her eyes…

Mu Ru Yue who was currently in the faraway King Chen’s manor didn’t in the slightest place any importance on Liu Yu as her current priority was earning money.

She actually could recover her looks easily, and just needed a Appearance Recovery Pill to erase the scar on her face made by that frozen sword. However, she had never refined such pills so she temporarily didn’t have any on her and had no immediate way to recover her appearance. Refining pills required medicinal ingredients and she was currently penniless after all.

“Perhaps I can sell some pills to earn money.”

A light flicked in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes.

“Little Yue!”

A youth’s clear voice was heard outside the room. A thin hand pushed open the room’s door before she could reply…

This youth was indeed very skinny, to the point where it made people pity him. His fair skin was almost transparent, so it could be seen that he was somewhat malnourished.

“Mo Mo, why have you come?”

The youth looked at Mu Ru Yue, expressing that he had something to say but didn’t immediately voice it.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she could see that something had happened to Mo Xi…

“Little Yue, can I always follow behind you?” Mo Xi looked timidly at Mu Ru Yue. His pitiful expression was filled with grief and resentment, as though he were being abandoned.

“Did someone bully you?”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyes darkened as she asked indifferently.

“No,” Mo Xi hastily shook his head before he explained weakly, “But that girl’s eyes are so terrifying. It is as though they want to eat me. I… I’m scared.”

He bit his lips and a layer of mist covered his large clear eyes.

Mo Xi really got a fright after being in the manor for a couple of days. The gaze of those women was like those of wolves and tigers, eyeing on him like a predator toward prey.

“Alright, you can follow behind me from now on. I will be participating in a banquet within the palace with Yi Shao Chen in a while. You can also come with me.”

Mo Xi was elated. With a smile more dazzling than sunlight on his fair handsome face, he asked, “I can really follow behind you and not stay here to face those terrifying women?”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before she replied, “You can follow me, but you must listen to me.”

“Alright! Mo Mo will listen to Little Yue.”

Mo Xi’s smile was really pleasant to the eyes. An innocent ray of light emanated from his large eyes.

Mu Ru Yue was obviously much better to face than those wolf and tiger-like women. He at least wouldn’t be devoured until he was boneless…

Yi Shao Chen was standing by a horse carriage outside the manor. When he saw Mu Ru Yue coming out, he went forth to greet her. Yet, when he saw a cowardly submissive youth walking behind her, a ray of light flashed past his cold peach blossom eyes.

‘That youth possesses great strength, but I don’t know his family background.

‘The surname Mo can also just be fabricated. If he is a member of the four great family clans, I will definitely not allow him to stay in the manor…

‘It will also be the case with Mu Ru Yue.’


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