EAA Chapter 589


Chapter 589- Why Aren’t You Helping Me To Wipe? Part 5

“Gentlemen?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled slightly as she continued, “Even though Xiao Yue is a demon beast, she is still a girl. Your Dongfang family had assaulted her as a group to the point that she was severely injured, unable to recover her human appearance. You also just watched on while she was beaten up due to your cowardice. Where was your gentlemen’s grandeur at that time?”


The porcelain in Dongfang Jun’s hand was crushed into powder by his tightened grip His expression turned grim as he swept a cold gaze at the girl who had a faint smile on her face.

“Elder sister Xiao Yue?” Nangong Zi Lan was startled as she asked, “Elder brother Jun, didn’t you say that it was elder sister Xiao Yue that left the Dongfang family by herself? What does this lady mean then?”


‘The Dongfang family had group assaulted elder sister Xiao Yue until she was severely injured?

‘How is this possible?

‘Elder brother Jun is such a kind-hearted and gentle person. How can he just watched on while elder sister Xiao Yue was being hurt by them? Wasn’t their relationship really close before? Elder brother Jun had mentioned he treated Xiao Yue like his biological younger sister. Why didn’t he help her then?’

Nangong Zi Lan still couldn’t figure it out.

But the lady didn’t seem to be lying from her expression and tone.

“Zi Lan, don’t listen to her nonsense,” Dongfang Jun glared at Mu Ru Yue before he turned around to hold Nangong Zi Lan’s hand gently and continued, “You must believe in me that our Dongfang family definitely won’t be able to do such matters.”

Nangong Zi Lan bit her lips. She was deeply in love with elder brother Jun so she was willing to trust him once…

A low chuckle was heard at that instant.

Ouyang Yun Jin smirkled with mockery and disdain which flashed in his eyes as he said, “Young mistress Nangong, I can verify that what Lady Mu said is the truth. Xiao Yue, who was severely injured, was picked up by our Ouyang family and she was at her last breath. Yet, she relied on her strong will to pull herself away from death’s door.”

If Nangong Zi Lan didn’t believe Mu Ru Yue’s words due to her lack of understanding her, but she was clear about Ouyang Yun Jin’s personality.

That man wouldn’t bother to lie so what he said should be true.

Nangong Zi Lan’s heart skipped a beat as she thought back to Dongfang Jun’s attitude toward Xiao Yue. Could it be that Xiao Yue leaving that year was really due to her being severely wounded by the Dongfang family?

She couldn’t help but hesitate.

‘Elder brother Jun has always been kind-hearted with a gentleman’s demeanour. It was due to his courage that he barged into Demon Beast Mountain Range to capture a white tiger’s cub for me which made me touched. Subsequently, I fell in love with him.

‘Thus, how can elder brother Jun just watch on as Xiao Yue was being beaten up?’

Nangong Zi Lan was too innocent after all.

There wasn’t a need for Dongfang Yun to personally enter the depths of the Demon Beast Mountain Range to obtain that white tiger’s cub. He just needed to dispatch men to enter those deep forests. He could then act as though he were severely wounded from capturing the white tiger’s cub, easily touching Nangong Zi Lan’s heart…

Perhaps it was due to her innocence that Xiao Yue treated her amicably. Their relationship in the Dongfang family wasn’t bad as well. Nangong Zi Lan frequently went to the Dongfang family to inquire about her status after Xiao Yue left for a period of time.

“Elder brother Jun, is there truly a link between elder sister Xiao Yue’s departure and your Dongfang family?” Nangong Zi Lan raised her eyelashes slightly as she focused her adorable large eyes on Dongfang Jun.

Dongfang Jun panicked inwardly, but he replied, “Zi Lan, I really didn’t! My relationship with Xiao Yue is so good. How can I hurt her?”

“Really?” Nangong Zi Lan smiled sweetly with her eyes curved up like crescent moons.

Dongfang Jun gradually heaved a sigh of relief after seeing her smile, even though she didn’t say that she would continue to believe him this time…


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