EAA Chapter 603


Chapter 603 -Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 9

“Mister Dongfang, why are you in such a state?”

Inside a luxurious restaurant, Ouyang Lin looked at the man beside her and bit her lips before she said, “Why do you want to waste time on that woman who doesn’t treasure a man like you? I know I am just a person from a side branch of the Ouyang family so I don’t have too much authority and power, but I will never betray you.”

She raised her head and looked affectionately at the man sitting before the table.

She had developed feelings for this man who had a gentle demeanour after encountering him five years ago. However, he already had Xiao Yue in his heart and was going to marry Nangong Zi Lan as his wife for the family.


Her heart ached, but she understood that with her status as a person from a side branch, she wasn’t compatible with such an outstanding man. She didn’t even mind becoming his concubine.

Nonetheless, Dongfang Jun only treated her as a friend to speak his mind to. He didn’t have any inkling of intent on taking her in as his concubine…


Dongfang Jun suddenly stood and just wordlessly dashed down the stairs to leave the restaurant.

Ouyang Lin was startled but she bit her lips and pursued him…

A couple walking hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder down the street was attracting everyone’s gaze.

The girl in white robes had an impeccable appearance while the man wore a silver mask on his face, but held an incomparably noble grandeur.

They were looking into each other’s eyes, delivering their feelings for each other with their gazes.

It was as though they didn’t see anyone else other than each other…

“Mu Ru Yue, where is Xiao Yue?”

A slender figure blocked her path and she turned her head toward that voice.

It had only been a short period of time, but Dongfang Jun had ended up in such a sorry state. His originally clean-shaven lower jaw had bits and pieces of a beard growing out from it. Pain was expressed in his eyes.

He originally wanted to kill this woman so that Xiao Yue would be able to return to his side. Who knew a person known as Zi Shao would suddenly appeared when he went to seek trouble with her at Ghost King’s manor, not knowing that she had already left the manor.

He naturally wouldn’t let her leave after meeting her today!

“I’ve been suffering terribly during this period of time. Can’t you just let us be together?” Dongfang Jun continued furiously, “You are such a vicious girl to be so adamant in tearing a loving couple like us apart. It can’t be that you are in love with me so you don’t want us to be together, right?”

Passerbys had surrounded them at this moment.

They couldn’t help but point toward Mu Ru Yue, who was at the centre of attention, disdain appearing in their eyes after hearing Dongfang Jun’s words, discussing this situation.

“This girl has an exceptional appearance but I didn’t expect her to be so vicious like a poisonous snake.”

“That’s right, she wanted to obtain the man and just tossed the pitiful woman to an unknown place.”

“Oh, I remember that person is young master Dongfang Jun of the Dongfang family. Tsk! Tsk! It is just natural for Dongfang Jun to be loved by girls with his outstanding appearance and noble status. But I didn’t expect that this girl would do such a crazy matter.

“Furthermore, it is undeniable that Dongfang Jun was deeply in love with that girl to fall into such a sorry state for her. This kind of man is already extinct from this world. He should be the only one left…”

Dongfang Jun didn’t expect he would be recognized and panicked a little. This would definitely give rise to unnecessary misunderstandings if this was known to the Nangong family.

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  1. It seems that everyone in this world has the critical thinking skills of a brick…

    “Oh hey, someone said something! IT MUST BE TRUE! I heard she also killed my father somehow, even though he’s still alive!”


    1. Post

      You will be amazed that several Chinese novels does this, being so gullible. Well, please still give the author of this novel some slack as this was her first novel xD

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