EAA Chapter 604


Chapter 604- Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 10

However, he no longer cared about anything other than forcing Mu Ru Yue to release Xiao Yue.


Dongfang Jun suddenly knelt before Mu Ru Yue, making everyone widen their eyes with disbelief.

“Mu Ru Yue, you can do anything to me but just release Xiao Yue! She is innocent. Even if you are crazy in love with me, she isn’t the one to be blamed!”


The man was bitterly pleading at this moment, touching the crowd’s heart.

Some girls even started to weep as they were touched by Dongfang Jun’s action. On the other hand, they glared at Mu Ru Yue, enraged. Their gazes were as though they wanted to tear her corpse into several pieces.

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze became increasingly dark. A sinister cold ray flickered in his eyes. He lifted his hand slowly, but Mu Ru Yue held back his hand at this moment. The sudden soft sensation made Ye Wu Chen’s hand shudder as he shifted his gaze to focus at the side of the girl’s flawless face.

“Let me settle this.”

Her voice was as calm as the wind, and Ye Wu Chen lowered his hand. But his gaze toward Dongfang Jun held undisguised frost and ill-intent. He was like a bloodthirsty sword…

“Mister Dongfang!” When Ouyang Lin ran over and heard Dongfang Jun begging, her heart became a little sore, especially after seeing Dongfang Jun kneeling down for a girl that didn’t even treasure him. She glared furiously at Mu Ru Yue and advised, “This lady, forcing someone to love you wouldn’t work. SInce Mister Dongfang doesn’t love you, why are you still pestering him? This will make him detest you even more. I shall give you a word of warning. Quickly release that lady known as Xiao Yue and return her to Mister Dongfang. If not, the Dongfang and Ouyang family definitely wouldn’t forgive you!”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly. With a cold ray that flashed across her eyes, she agreed, “Alright, I will let Xiao Yue out. If she is willing, I will definitely terminate my contract with her!”

Dongfang Jun was elated as a complacent smile graced his face.

As expected, his method of making the crowd pressure her into making her stop restraining Xiao Yue worked.

Suddenly, a silver light flashed past. A silver robe landed before the crowd under their gazes.

Silver hair danced with the wind, brushing against the girl’s elegant and beautiful face. she lifted her silver eyes as she looked coldly at Dongfang Jun who was jubilant.

“Xiao Yue, don’t worry. I’m here to take you away.”

Dongfang Jun didn’t in the slightest notice her coldness as he lifted his hand to hold Xiao Yue’s.

But before he could grip onto Xiao Yue’s soft small hand, the other abruptly pushed him away. Dongfang Jun retreated a couple of steps from the sudden impact as he looked astonished at Xiao Yue.

“Xiao Yue, she has already agreed to terminate your contract. You have regained your freedom so there isn’t a need to continue rejecting me.”

In Dongfang Jun’s point of view, he strongly believed that it was due to this girl that Xiao Yue was treating him so coldly.

She was being controlled by her, unable to make her decision.

How could Xiao Yue who was deeply in love with him all those years ago want to leave him? But why was Xiao Yue still rejecting him then?

Dongfang Jun’s heart felt as though it was being squeezed as he looked expectantly at Xiao Yue.

“Dongfang Jun, I’ve never met someone as despicable as you!” Xiao Yue raised her head coldly before she continued, “My master is so outstanding and her husband makes a heavenly pair with her. It can’t be that you think you are stronger than my master’s husband, right? Even if master was blind, she wouldn’t take a fancy on such a fake gentleman like yourself!”


However, he no longer cared about anything anymore other than forcing Mu Ru Yue to release Xiao Yue.


Dongfang Jun suddenly knelt before Mu Ru Yue, making everyone to widen their eyes with disbelief.

“Will you marry me?” ‘Dongfang Jun’ pleaded.

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze ice-cold and refused, “No!”

Just as ‘Dongfang Jun’ wanted to continue persuading her, a kick suddenly struck toward ‘him’, making ‘him’ fly backwards. A blood trail flowed out from the corner of ‘his’ mouth.

Tears filled ‘Dongfang Jun”s eyes as ‘he’ suddenly wailed and rolled on the floor. His form started to transform back into Goddess Miki. She then complained, “Why did you kick that hard? Don’t worry! I wasn’t hurt too. I just bit into a blood capsule to make the act more convincing as I predicted what you would do. But what was painful was still painful. Pout

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