EAA Chapter 607


Chapter 607 -Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 13


‘This girl’s gaze is so glacial. It is as though it can instantly freeze the hearts of those that see her gaze. I never knew a person’s gaze can be this cold!’

Ouyang Lin shivered from the cold while an obscure fear could be felt pulsating out from within her body. When she got back to her senses, she was vexed. How could she be frightened by this girl in front of Mister Dongfang?



Ouyang Lin saw a middle aged man leading a group of people toward her at this moment. Her eyes lit up subconsciously.

“Lin Er, what happened?” Ouyang Dan swept a gaze and when his gaze landed on Ouyang Lin’s pale face, he moved in a flash over to her and asked, “Lin Er, are you hurt? What happened?”


Ouyang Lin’s tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollably after she called out.

She wiped off the tears from the corner of her eyes before she revealed a forced smile as she said, “Father, I’m alright. It’s true. I didn’t suffer any grievance. Please stop being angry.”

Seeing his daughter’s pitiful appearance and hearing her speak in a way that pretended she was fine, a ball of fury surged in Ouyang Dan’s heart. He asked in a heavy tone, “Who hurt my daughter?”

“Father.” Ouyang Lin hastily pulled onto his hand and shook her head as she said, “Your daughter is alright. It is just the Mister Dongfang suffered grievance instead.”

As a person of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Dan still recognised Dongfang Jun even though he was just from the branch family. He then discovered a dazed Dongfang Jun standing to the side after hearing what Ouyang Lin said.

“Mister Dongfang, what happened?” Ouyang Dan was greatly alarmed.

He wasn’t only a person from the branch of the Ouyang family but the leader of the protectors of Ouyang City. If something were to happen to Mister Dongfang, the Dongfang family would definitely be enraged. Furthermore, the head of the Ouyang family wouldn’t offend the Dongfang family for him as an insignificant member of its branch family.

“Father, it is them that made Mister Dongfang fall into such a state.”

Ouyang Dan noticed the couple standing shoulder to shoulder, following Ouyang Lin’s gaze.

Purple robes fluttered as the man’s body was encased in a frosty aura. While it seemed as though he were looking at him, there was no such reflection in his purple eyes.

The man was protecting a white-robed girl in his embrace. His silver mask radiated a dazzling ray of light under the glow of the sunset, stunning people’s heart.

This man was an expert!

Ouyang Dan narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Mister, what grudges do you have against my daughter and Mister Dongfang? It can’t be that you want to make an enemy out of both the Ouyang and Dongfang family, right?”

Ouyang family?

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Ouyang Dan as she said, “You can represent the Ouyang family?”

Ouyang Dan’s expression changed instantly. With his expression getting increasingly sinister, he replied, “I’m the leader of the protectors of the Ouyang family. You must obey our rules in our Ouyang family’s territory! Moreover, anyone that enters the Ouyang City must be given a pass by the Ouyang family. I don’t know how the two of you entered this place. Why haven’t I receive your passes?”

Ouyang Dan wasn’t to be blamed for not knowing how Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen entered.

It was due to them sitting in the Ouyang family’s carriage when entering Ouyang City. Hence, Ouyang Dan naturally didn’t see them.

Seeing that the two of them weren’t replying him, he was even more certain of his guess. He then said coldly, “The two of you who infiltrated the Ouyang family without a pass must be spies from other places! Someone, capture and bind these spies. I want to interrogate them thoroughly!”

Ouyang Lin was inwardly elated and become complacent.

‘This is your outcomes in daring to act so rampant within Ouyang City!’

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