EAA Chapter 611


Chapter 611 -Sullen Dongfang Jun Part 4

She didn’t expect that the girl she didn’t place any importance on was acquainted with the head of the Ouyang family.

‘There must be a mistake somewhere!’

“Sorry,” Mu Ru Yue said with a light smile, “I think this place isn’t bad so I don’t plan on leaving. Of course, if there is tea or water, it will be much better.”

Ouyang Dan widened his eyes momentarily.


‘This girl rejected the head of the family’s personal invitation? How much nerve does she possess to say such words? Isn’t she afraid that the head of the family would smack her flying?’

Yet, there wasn’t any signs of anger on Ouyang Ling Tian’s face. It was as though he didn’t hear her words.

With a light smile in his eyes, he asked, “Lady Mu, what must I do to make you leave with me willingly?”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders and with a slight smile, replied, “Haven’t you heard of a phrase ‘it is easy to invite a Buddha but hard to send it away’? It is your Ouyang family that caught me to this place. It can’t be that I should just let it go, right?”

Her meaning was that if you didn’t give me an explanation, I definitely wouldn’t leave this place.

Ouyang Dan suddenly received a gaze from Ouyang Ling Tian and was stunned.

He shuddered vigorously. Suddenly, the elder raised his hand to smack him away before he could say anything. “Ouyang Dan, it seems that you have too much courage to dare capture my Ouyang family’s honoured guess. Who gave you the right to do that?”

Ouyang Dan was smacked senseless.


It was as though countless mosquitoes had entered his mind, making him unable to come back to his senses.

‘Honoured guests of the Ouyang family…’

Those words replayed in his mind over and over again, filling up his mind. Ouyang Dan’s felt as though his head was about to explode. It was incredibly painful.

“No!” Ouyang Lin covered her lips and exclaimed. Her delicate face turned pale.

Ouyang Yun Jin impatiently shook his sleeves once that word came out of her mouth, sending her body flying outward.

“Ouyang Dan misused his powers and hurt innocents. He will thereby be relieved of all his powers and be cast out of the family! Ouyang Lin is arrogant and willful and will similarly have her name eliminated from the Ouyang family’s ancestral hall. She will also never be able to enter the Ouyang family again.”

Ouyang Ling Tian turned his head toward Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Lady Mu, are you satisfied with these punishments?”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she swept a gaze at the two who were stunned and said, “Do you still remember what I said previously that I can go with you but I just hope you won’t regret?”

“Don’t regret?

‘How can I not regret?

‘If my life can start over, I would never make such a mistake!’

Ouyang Dan gritted his teeth, his complexion pale-white.

‘I didn’t expect that due to catching these two people, it led to me undergoing such a harsh punishment of being cast out from the family.

‘Who in this continent would dare to keep them, father and daughter, after being chased out of the Ouyang family?’

Ouyang Ling Tian waved his hand, signalling to his subordinates to drag those two gravely pale father and daughter out of the room. He then shifted his gaze back to Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Lady Mu, I want to ask you a question. Can you treat my injuries?”

Mu Ru Yue smirked and said indifferently, “I can!”

That reply made Ouyang Ling Tian’s heart skip a beat. Slight excitement could be seen on his elderly face, but he suppressed his stirred up heart and asked, “Lady Mu, I don’t know what requests you may have?”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled slightly upon hearing that and replied, “My request is still the same as before. I want the Ouyang family to swear their loyalty and devotion to me. I will save you then! Otherwise, trust me when I say that you will at most be able to live for just half a month!”

Ouyang Ling Tian became silent.

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