EAA Chapter 621


Chapter 621 -Ye Wu Chen Is Too Ugly To Be Seen? Part 4

“Ouyang Qian?” Mo Lin frowned as he asked, “Who is that?”

Mo Xi cast a gaze at Mo Lin as though he was looking at an idiot as he replied, “Grandfather, you are really stupid. Of course, Ouyang Qian is a human.”

Mo Lin remained silent for a while upon hearing that as three black lines instantly appeared on his forehead.

‘No kidding!’


He took in a deep breath before he shifted his gaze toward Mu Ru Yue. He then said with a gentle smile, “If I had guessed correctly, you should be Xi Er’s contractor?”

He was silently sizing up the girl before him while he said that.

‘It is undeniable that the girl is indeed really outstanding as usually people will either act respectfully toward me or fear me. Yet, this girl’s expression is calm. It is as though she is treating me like an ordinary person.


Mo Lin narrowed his eyes slightly as he focused his gaze onto Ye Wu Chen who was standing at the side. His breath tightened momentarily with a trace of seriousness that flashed in his eyes.

‘This man is really powerful!

‘Who on earth is he?’

“That’s right.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before continuing, “Mo Mo had initiated the life sharing contract with me to save my life.”

“Lady, you should have guessed the reason why I called you here.” Mo Lin smiled slightly before continuing, “I hope that you can terminate your contract with Xi Er. The life sharing contract is the most unfair contract. Moreover, he definitely mustn’t contract with a human as my, Mo Lin’s, grandson.”


Mo Xi’s complexion paled abruptly as he looked at Mo Lin with astonishment. He got back to his sense after a long time before he rebuked anxiously, “Grandfather, I don’t want to! Can you please don’t make us terminate our contract?”

‘I don’t want to terminate the contract with Little Yue!’

Mo Xi pursed his lips with his feeble and weak body trembling slightly. With glistening tears hanging on his eyelashes, his bright eyes filled with plead.

Seeing his grandson’s current state, Mo Lin’s heart softened and almost agreed. But when he thought about the various cons of the life sharing contract, he hardened his heart again as he prompted, “Lady, what will be your decision? Are you willing to terminate the contract with Mo Xi?”

Mo Xi’s heart shuddered as he focused his gaze on Mu Ru Yue’s impeccable face with expectant filled large eyes.

‘Little Yue certainly will not terminate the contract with me!’


Mu Ru Yue closed her eyes slowly. When she opened it again, resolution was filled in it as she agreed, “I accept your request in terminating the contract with Mo Mo.”

It was Mo Lin’s turn to be stunned.

‘Doesn’t all humans want strong demon beasts to be their tools in battles? Moreover, they are under the life sharing contract that is greatly beneficial to her?’

Mo Lin initially wanted to tempt her with benefits. If that didn’t work, he would then use force. Who knew that the girl would agree so readily before he could even state any benefits?

“Lady, you really accept my request?”

Mo Lin didn’t dare to believe what he just heard at this moment as her response was out of his knowledge. Xi Er’s parents were brutally killed by those humans due to them refusing to contract with them after all.

Even though Mo Lin didn’t hate all humans due to that, he was unwilling to allow members of the Mo family to have any connections with those sinister and cunning humans. It was due to that he hastily summoned Mo Xi back and wanted this woman to terminate the contract.

“Yes.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze as she continued indifferently, “Mo Mo was forced to contract with me to save my life. We can indeed terminate the contract now.”

Mo Lin blinked his eyes as this time he was sure that he didn’t misheard that Mu Ru Yue was really willing to terminate the contract with Mo Xi…

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