EAA Chapter 634


Chapter 634 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 7

Ouyang Yun Jin didn’t continue to explain even after seeing gazes of disbelief shot toward him. He just wanted to tell Dongfang Liang that Mu Ru Yue wasn’t a person that he could make a move on.

If he wanted to hurt her, the Ouyang family would definitely resist against him with all their might even if that might lead to their deaths!

Dongfang Liang’s complexion constantly turned between green and white. Just when he was at a loss on how to settle this matter, a gentle voice was heard from behind him, “Father.”

Dongfang Jun walked slowly toward Dongfang Liang under the crowd’s gaze. He had his usual smile on his handsome face, but when his gaze glanced at Moshang Fei, his gaze darkened a little.


‘Moshang family!’

He hated them inwardly after thinking about his current condition. But he didn’t express it on his face. He had a fitting smile on his face from the start.

“Jun Er, why have you come out?” Dongfang Liang frowned slightly.

“I came here to have a look.” Dongfang Jun had a faint smile, but when he swept a gaze at the Dongfang Ying who had collapsed on the ground, a trace of disdain flashed past his eyes before he suggested, “How about we let someone escort younger sister back to her room? We will then let the grandmaster have a look at her to see if she could be treated.”


Dongfang Liang nodded slightly and sighed.

He knew that this matter was initiated by Dongfang Ying. If he had punished that girl from the Ouyang family now, it would give raise to displeasurement from the other families.

Thus, he could only endure it now!

But he had remembered this score and would return it back with interest in the future! She would then understand that the people of the Dongfang family shouldn’t be messed with!

“Zi Lan.”

Dongfang Jun’s gaze landed onto Nangong Zi Lan. He spread his handheld fan as he walked with a smile toward the girl in the crowd. With a gentle gaze, he explained, “I’m sorry that I’ve been unable to personally accompany you since you came here due to being ill. I will be able to properly accompany you to roam the Dongfang City in a couple of days.”

Nangong Zi Lan’s heart shuddered.

Yet, Nangong Lie’s words kept sounding in her mind making her to retreat a couple of steps uncontrollably. She bit firmly on her lips with resistance in her eyes.

“Zi Lan?” Dongfang Jun frowned as he asked, “What’s wrong? Have you become unfamiliar with your elder brother Jun from not seeing him for half a year or is it that someone told you something?”

His gaze subconsciously shot toward Mu Ru Yue as he said that.

“No!” Nangong Zi Lan hastily denied his words. She bit her lips slightly before shifting her misty, large, and clear eyes at the man in embroidered robes by her side, requesting for help.

The man in embroidered robes obviously disliked Dongfang Jun’s action as he knitted his brows and said, “Mister Dongfang, my younger sister has been a little unwell these days so she won’t be able to go out with you. I ask for Mister Dongfang’s forgiveness.”

Dongfang Jun withdrew his gaze upon hearing that. With a courteous smile on his face, he replied, “Brother Chen, your words are too heavy. Since that’s the case, Zi Lan should have a good rest. I won’t disturb her then. If there’s time, how about brother Chen accompany me for a drink?”

Nobody had noticed that Dongfang Jun’s gaze had darkened with complex rays of light within it that others wouldn’t understand at this moment…

‘Nangong Zi Lan still became unaccustomed to me in the end.’

When his gaze glanced at Mu Ru Yue, it darkened slightly. A ball of fury unknowingly blazed in his heart but he had suppressed it.

‘This girl not only forced Xiao Yue and me apart, she even said something to Nangong Zi Lan making her lose her affections toward me.

‘If Nangong Zi Lan becomes unwilling to marry me, father will definitely reconsider the candidates in becoming the young master of the Dongfang family. It will be too detrimental to my situation when that happens…’

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