EAA Chapter 636


Chapter 636 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 9

‘Can this be counted as he is giving a woman to my man before me? It seems Dongfang Jun’s facade isn’t as good as I thought…’

The crowd’s gazes shot toward those people.

How could they not know what Dongfang Jun’s true intention was?

He didn’t given anyone except that couple a servant girl even though they were several people here. It would be impossible for him not to be plotting something.


Moreover, that alluring girl seemed to be from a brothel. How could she be a servant girl? They had never seen any servant girl dressed so flirtatiously and alluringly.

“Mister Ye.”

Wu Niang gradually lowered her body, exposing her snow white neck and even her well developed cleavage.

Her voice was extremely charming. It was so sweet that attracted affections to her.

If they were called out by her, their legs would probably soften uncontrollably before neglecting everything to pounce on her…

Some of the men cast envious gaze at Ye Wu Chen as this instant. They seemed to be jealous of his ladies’ luck. He already had a remarkably beautiful wife. Now such a flirtatious girl came over to him. From just looking at her, that girl’s bed skills should be tremendously exceptional. She should be able to service the man to the point he reaches oblivion.

As for Mu Ru Yue, she was neglected by the crowd.

No matter if she was from the Ouyang family, she wouldn’t be able to stop his husband from taking in concubines. It was how this world works. No matter how powerful the wife was, they must use their husband as their guiding principle. If they stopped their husband from taking in other girls, they would be seen as a savage and have a bad reputation.

Moreover, the man was an expert.

He naturally would possess more girls than other ordinary men due to being an expert.

It seemed that a good show was imminent…

“Mister Ye?”

Seeing that the man had been ignoring her for a long time, Wu Niang was slightly displeased. She usually just had to say a sentence to hook up with men. Wasn’t it the case with Dongfang Jun? Moreover, Dongfang Jun had also complimented that she had an exceptional bed skills, making him really comfortable with her service. This greatly increased the confidence of Wu Niang.

But the man before her didn’t help her up when she greeted him!

Since that was the case, she must have him in her hands to let him enjoy the charm in being in bed with her…

This was especially so when the man was using a mask to cover his ghastly face. Moreover, his slender and upright body figure was passable. It would be the same for all men no matter how ugly they were to her as she could enjoy them once she shut her eyes.

She didn’t know how his bed skills were and wanted to have a try…

Aiyo! I’m so giddy. Mister, help me~”

Wu Niang lifted her hand to support her head as her tender, boneless-like body fell toward Ye Wu Chen…

When her delicate body was about to enter his embrace, the crowd could already predict the scene where the man embraced the girl. But Wu Niang was really gutsy to seduce someone’s husband before his wife. She was being a little too much doing so.

Yet, Wu Niang was indeed doing it on purpose!

Firstly, she was displeased that Ye Wu Chen was neglecting her, raising her fighting spirits. Furthermore, Mu Ru Yue was really beautiful, but she was too young and inexperienced. How could she match up to such a mature girl like herself?

More importantly, Mister Dongfang had already instructed her to ruin this couple’s relationship. He would then give her a life where she wouldn’t need to worry about food and clothing.

Thus, if Ye Wu Chen was to hug her before his wife, with a woman’s self-esteem, it would definitely be unbearable for his wife. She would then be able to accomplish about half of her mission then…

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