EAA Chapter 637


Chapter 637 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 10

Wu Niang was greatly confident that Ye Wu Chen would catch her as he should be gentle on beauties as a man. He would support her just to care for a beauty when he saw one about to fall.

Yet, the unexpected happened…

Just as Wu Niang was about to fall onto Ye Wu Chen’s body, the man that wasn’t even looking at her dodged to the side without any warning.



Her delicate body fell directly onto the ground.

Everyone was stunned as they couldn’t get their head around this situation.

The beauty before them was so alluring and charming. Wouldn’t any man want to play with such a beauty even if they didn’t love her? Yet, he just let such a perfect chance slip away?

More importantly, he wasn’t even willing to support her?


Wu Niang’s mind blanked as she didn’t understand how her killing move failed before this man.

She bit her red lips with displeasure. Could it be that she didn’t fully release her charm so this man wasn’t moved by her?

“Mister Ye, what do you mean by this?” Dongfang Jun’s expression darkened as he complained, “Wu Niang is the servant girl that I gave to the two of you. You shouldn’t treat her like this even if she is in the wrong!”

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at Dongfang Jun that had an ashen expression. She sniggered inwardly as she replied, “Treat her? I don’t know what my husband did to her? She was the one that fell by herself. It can’t be that we must support her, right? Perhaps if it is Mister Dongfang, you will definitely support her due to not having the heart to let her fall.”

Dongfang Jun’s expression changed instantly as he subconsciously glanced at Nangong Zi Lan before withdrawing his gaze. He then replied coldly, “It is indeed her fault in this matter so I can’t blame Mister Ye. I will let her service the two of you in a moment.”

Once she was able to near them, he would take that opportunity to make Ye Wu Chen consume the Love Hallucination Grass. Ye Wu Chen would then forget this woman and fall in love with Wu Niang instead.

He must let this damnable woman experience being unable to get the love from her beloved man!

“Is it really to service us or is it to send her to service my husband in bed?” Mu Ru Yue smiled, but chilling rays of light danced in her eyes, giving off a bone-piercing chillness.

Anyone would understand that Dongfang Jin was sending Wu Niang to service Ye Wu Chen in bed even though Dongfang Jun didn’t say that clearly.

“Lady Mu, you can’t make a decision on this matter.” Dongfang Jun’s gaze became increasingly gloomy as he continued coldly, “Your husband is your heaven so you naturally must listen to him. Don’t even mention sending other girls to service him in bed, he could always divorce you to marry others whenever he wants to!”

Dongfang Jun understood that Ye Wu Chen was deeply in love with Mu Ru Yue from his gaze. But he wouldn’t be able to resist temptations no matter how much he loved her.

For example, he had several lovers when he was dating Xiao Yue and loved only her. He even entered the brothel to relieve his needs.

It would be impossible for Ye Wu Chen not to love Mu Ru Yue even if he did it with Wu Niang. Hence, he gave them the Love Hallucination Grass. Ye Wu Chen would then be able to forget Mu Ru Yue and fall in love with another girl with the help of medicinal plant!

That girl would definitely suffer a heart wrenching pain at that moment! She would then have a taste of his pain from the moment he lost Xiao Yue…

Mu Ru Yue chuckled and asked, “Wu Chen, he said you will divorce me to marry other girls. He even said that you are my heaven so I must listen to you. Is that right?”

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  1. Bah! This is why I love chinese MLs! They’re cruel to others and would only show their gentle side to the MCs. We don’t need an overly nice guy that is good to everyone. That’s just my opinion though. I’m selfish when it comes to my man! (Well, if I had one hwehwe)

  2. Ara, ara…. oh querido fuiste tú quien con su propia mano mató el amor que sentía Yue por tí, así que deja la estupidez de culpar a otros, pero como no es capaz de entender palabras humanas… es mejor que aprenda ¿muriendo? kukukuku… y bueno… mientras iré a comer cotufas (palomitas de maíz) para ver como WC asesina a otro que intenta que su aire deje de estar a su lado. Si aire, porque sin aire ¿cuánto podría uno vivir?

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