EAA Chapter 642


Chapter 642 -Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 5

Dongfang Jun clenched his fights tightly. With a slightly lowered head, he said, “Father, your son will leave first then.”

The heavens knew how unwilling he was but he couldn’t go against Dongfang Liang’s order. He could only look gloomily at Mu Ru Yue before heading to the back courtyard.

Dongfang Liang smiled forcefully after he left as he said, “Everyone, I’m a little exhausted so I won’t be able to accompany you. You are free to go after this banquet ends. I won’t be sending you off. But please don’t forget about the main large event that will be commencing in three days time…”

He didn’t wait for the crowd’s answer upon saying that and just hastily left the room.


Smile filled Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. It was undeniable that her mission was successfully accomplished. The Dongfang family will be facing against three of the families after what happened tonight.

This situation placed her in a greatly advantageous position…

“Lady Mu.”

A clear voice was heard from before her. Mu Ru Yue raised her head slightly to look at the girl’s slightly paled baby face. She then asked indifferently, “Can I help you with something?”

Nangong Zi Lan pursed her pink lips. With a slight raise of her eyelashes, she used a grateful tone as she said, “Thank you, Lady Mu. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be kept in the dark by his facade.”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows rose as she asked, “Don’t you blame me for making lose your ideal partner?”

“Ideal partner?” Nangong Zi Lan chuckled bitterly. With sorrow in her large eyes, she continued, “He isn’t my ideal partner. If I didn’t know his true face now, I will definitely regret it in the future. Hence, you have saved my future life. That’s right, Lady Mu, how is elder sister Xiao Yue?”

Mu Ru Yue looked at Nangong Zi Lan. She had a great impression her this girl.

“Xiao Yue s doing rather well. She had gotten out from her past. Nangong Zi Lan, give up on Dongfang Jun. You will meet with a much better man.”

Nangong Zi Lan smiled faintly as she replied, “I hope so.”

How could she fall completely in love with a man after this matter? Who would know if that that man wouldn’t be like Dongfang Jun to be playing with her feelings…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say further as Nangong Zi Lan needed to think through these matters by herself. It would be useless no matter how much people explained to her…

“Lady, I didn’t expect that you are a person from the Ouyang family.” Gu Ying Ying walked over and said with smiles, “You are also quite impressive. I will see how Dongfang Ying continue to act arrogantly after becoming a trash.”

Gu Ying Ying had the impulse to raise her head to burst out laughing upon saying that.

The heavens knew how long she had waited for this day…

“She reaped what she sowed.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly before continuing, “I won’t give a person a second chance! She didn’t appreciate my initial kind intentions so I could only do that…”

Gu Ying Ying extended her hand smilingly as she said, “Lady Mu, the enemies of my enemy are my friends. I hope that for the next period of time, we will be friends!”

Mu Ru Yue looked at the extended hand before her and gripped it without any hesitation. Her gaze wasn’t the previous cold gaze that would reject people away from her. Light smiles filled in it instead…

At this moment, outside a secret chamber at the back of the Dongfang family, Dongfang Liang pondered for a moment before pushing open the door and entering it. Instantly, a green robed man appeared before him.

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  1. So the soloing will be a sneak atack or as the same as in Evil Emperor`s wild consort? “come to me all those that thinks can win against me”…xD

  2. Hheheeh I like the Nagong Zi Lan girl…why not become Yue´er and Chen´er daughter in law? Afterall she is the disciple of their beloved little sister xD

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