EAA Chapter 652


Chapter 652  -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 6

Even Nangong Chen and the rest glanced at him. Envy surged inwardly in their hearts toward the Dongfang family from possessing a Mundane Stage Peak Realm alchemist…

Lin Yi smirked under the crowd’s gaze before shifting his gaze toward Mu Ru Yue. The others also followed his gaze to look toward the white robed girl…


The flames under the phoenix furnace trembled. A bitter smell instantly permeated out from the pill furnace. But Mu Ru Yue rapidly pulled herself together with seriousness in her eyes.


Her complexion was gravely pale at this moment, cold sweat flowing profusely. The back of her robe stuck to her body from being drenched in sweat, revealing the perfect curves of her body.

Some of the men at the plaza dazed. It was undeniable that the girl was indeed really beautiful, but she had a rather scary personality. She just killed Dongfang Jun from the Dongfang family at will…

Suddenly, a sinister cold aura spread outward from the arena, gradually covering the entire plaza. Those guys that were looking lecherously at her instantly withdrew their gazes and focused on the phoenix furnace before her instead, unblinkingly.  

Ye Wu Chen gradually withdrew his gaze and when his purple eyes shifted to Mu Ru Yue, his eyes expressed warmth that would never be seen by others usually.

His gaze was like warm sunlight that enveloped the girl that was as dazzling as stars.

Mu Ru Yue’s brows creased tightly. She felt an increasing strain in movement with every motions she made. She swallowed another handful of pills, making the rosiness of her cheeks to gradually recover…


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sound of collisions could be heard from within the phoenix furnace. It was as though the gradually forming pills wanted to breakout from their confinements…

“It seems that her pills are forming.”

Tsk Tsk! I didn’t expect that she would really be able to successfully refine pills. But her standard is too inferior as compared to Grandmaster Lin Yi.”

“That’s right! But I don’t know what the grade of her pills will be.”

“Do you really need to think that much? No matter how high the grade of her pill will be, she definitely wouldn’t be able to exceed Grandmaster Lin Yi’s! It is destined for the Ouyang family to lose this battle!”

The disciples of the Dongfang family expressed confidence on their faces. In their point of view, nobody within the four large families would be able to triumph against Lin Yi.

It was a pity that such a peerless beauty would be going to die soon after.

But she was the one that agreed in participating in this battle. Nobody was to be blamed when she died…

“What do you all mean by that?” A disciple of the Ouyang family couldn’t stand just watching on and continued mercilessly, “You guys aren’t convinced by Lady Mu’s strength after she defeated your young master of the Dongfang family and even succeeded in killing him? Since Lady Mu agreed to participate in this battle, she will definitely win! Moreover, you guys were previously mocking that she wouldn’t be able to be victorious against the competitors from the various large families. But what was the final outcome?”

“You…” The expression of that disciple of the Dongfang family changed.


When they were about to quarrel, a rumble was heard from the sky. Following that, a lightning landed harshly.

“What…. What’s going on?”

The crowd was shocked by the sudden change.

Why was there lightning in clear sky?

“It is tribulation lightning!” Moshang Fei looked with a complex gaze toward Mu Ru Yue as he continued explaining, “It is tribulation lightning from refining a Heaven Stage Pill. But there are variations in tribulation lightnings. The Heaven Stage Low Rank Pill will have an ordinary tribulation lightning. The Heaven Stage Mid Rank Pill will have a purple tribulation lightning. The High Rank pill will have a silver tribulation lightning. Once it reaches the Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill, it will have the strongest tribulation lightning that will usually be really difficult for experts to succeed in that tribulation. The tribulation lightning that she had summoned had grayness within the purple lightning so it is the ordinary tribulation lightning!”  

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