EAA Chapter 654


Chapter 654 -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 8

Everyone stoned in their positions like statues. Leaves landed on their shoulders as the breeze blew…

Mu Ru Yue finally realized that the atmosphere seemed a little off. She raised her head to look at the stunned crowd before asking curiously, “Did something happen?”

Ouyang Yun Jin took in a deep breath. He usually had a good and calm temper, but he now had a great impulse to restrain that girl to the ground and bash her up to a pulp!

She dared to say that her standard was too lousy from manufacturing five Heaven Stage Low Rank pills? How would that reflect on Lin Yi that had only manufactured Mundane Stage Peak Rank pills?


“Lady Mu, if it isn’t for my heart to be strong enough, I will have been scared to death by you just now.” Ouyang Yun Jin smiled bitterly as he commented, “It is beyond my imagination that you have broken through to the Heaven Stage Low Rank. Tsk! Tsk! You as a twenty years old Heaven Stage Low Rank alchemist can easily be crowned as the top talent in Realmless!”

This girl had such might at such a tender age. It wouldn’t be hard to guess how accomplished her future would be…

“Young master Ouyang, consume this pill.” Mu Ru Yue eyebrow’s rose. With a flick of her fingers, a pill shot toward Ouyang Yun Jin.

Ouyang Yun Jin was stunned for a moment before he asked curiously, “You are giving me this pill? What is this pill…”

“You will know once you consume it.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as her gaze landed on Ouyang Yun Jin.

Ouyang Yun Jin placed the pill in his mouth without any hesitation. The rest subconsciously swallowed their saliva with his action, mouth-watering.

It was a Heaven Stage pill. It would already be awesome enough just to be able to have a taste of it…


A trace of boiling feeling surged forth in Ouyang Yun Jin’s body the instant that pill entered Ouyang Yun Jin’s mouth,. All of his powers was surging outwards, exploding forth uncontrollably.

Following that, his previous firm bottleneck in power seemed to have been easily pierced through by a bamboo stick…

“Heaven Realm!”

A trace of amazement flashed past the crowd’s eyes as they exclaimed uncontrollably.

Ouyang Yun Jin wasn’t too old as he was only thirty in age and hadn’t reach forty. However, his innate talent wasn’t too good. The reason why he had become the young master of the Ouyang family wasn’t due to his intelligence or power. It was due to the other son of Ouyang Ling Tian being too terrible instead.

Ouyang Yun Jin’s innate talent was indeed significantly inferior as compared to his daughter Ouyang Qing’s.

Hence, he was still just an Earth Realm Martial Practitioner.

But he had finally broken through the bottleneck in his power with the help of the Mu Ru Yue’s pill to breakthrough to the Heaven Realm at one go…

How could this not shock the crowd?

This was especially the case with those experts that were at the Earth Realm in the various large families as they shot scorching gazes toward Mu Ru Yue. If it wasn’t for Ye Wu Chen to be here, they would have immediately pounced toward her.

“Young master Ouyang, congrats.”

Nanagong Chen smilingly walked forth and respectfully cupped his fists. He then continued, “Young master Ouyang, I don’t know how your daughter has been? I’ve been thinking a lot about her since the previous time we parted. Hence, I don’t know if I can go and visit your Ouyang family?”

“Nangong Chen, how can Ouyang Qing be with you stinky brat?”

The one that said that was Moshang Ling of the Moshang family. He was similarly Moshang Fei’s younger brother. Even though there were numerous disciples of the Moshang family, they mysteriously didn’t have the ambition to become the leader of the family. Since the Moshang family nominated Moshang Fei to be the successor, they all supported him without any conditions.

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