EAA Chapter 656


Chapter 656 -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 10

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was as calm as usual, but the smile on her face was so dazzling. It was like the radiance from a bright pearl.

“I am not trying to force you all in doing anything. I am just giving you a path. It will be entirely up to you on what you will decide. But I can certainly tell you that if you follow me, I will bring you to the highest realm, receiving the world’s worship and reverence!”

Her voice was as calm as the wind. Yet, it was like an enormous rock that struck hardly on everyone’s heart.

Everyone’s heart shuddered instantly. It was as though their hearts were stirred up by what she said…


The highest position? How many people had wanted to reach that place? But could they really reach it? Could they then be able to bring their entire family toward glory?

It was undeniable that they were indeed moved. They had already seen Mu Ru Yue’s might. There would definitely be one day where they reached that place if they were to follow her…

“I will need to tell you all a matter beforehand.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly before continuing with light smiles, “If you choose to follow me, we may face with great dangers and tyrannical foes. But the path in becoming an expert is always filled with blood and killings. More importantly, you will need to overcome all obstacles to carve out your own path to the most revered top position of the world. However, I can promise you that you will never regret following me!”   

‘You will never regret following me.’

The crowd looked slightly in shock at the girl. A peculiar feeling surged in their heart. It made them want to believe what she said…

She had always done what she said.

She previously proclaimed that she could win solitarily against the disciples from the three large families. The majority of them didn’t believe her. Yet, she had used her own strength to stand victorious against the crowd.

She then warned Dongfang Liang not to regret at the next moment.

He did indeed regretted in the end…

Following that, not many people chose to believe that she would win in the following competition. But what was the outcome? She had perfectly defeated Lin Yi as a tyrannical Heaven Stage alchemist, making those people that underestimated her to be scared senseless.

How could people doubt her words when she said those words with such confidence?

“Alright,” Nangong Chen raised his gaze slightly before continuing, “I am willing to agree to you, but I am unable to make a decision on behalf of the Nangong family. I will need to head back to ask my grandfather. But I will do my utmost best to persuade him!”

Moshang Fei lifted his gaze slightly and with smiles, he seconded Nangong Chen’s words, “I will also need to do that. Lady Mu, I will also do my best in persuading my family. You can be rest assured…”

It was as though everything was in Mu Ru Yue’s expression as she didn’t reveal much changes in her expression. She just smiled lightly and replied, “I will then be waiting for you all at the Ouyang family!”

The gathering of the four large families had become a person’s stage in the end…

Dongfang Liang became slightly anxious as he shift his gaze to the green robed man at his side and said urgently, “Lord Qing Yi 1, what shall we do…”

Qing Yi swept a cold glance at him before looking gloomily that Mu Ru Yue.

‘This little girl is a talent. But it is a pity that with her haughty personality, it is impossible to recruit her under me. Since that’s the case, I will use her soul to increase my power…’

“Lady Mu, be careful!”

When Ouyang Yun Jin shifted his gaze, he coincidentally saw that green ray of light that was shot toward Mu Ru Yue. His heart trembled for a moment from flight as he hasily warned her.

Everyone momentarily turned their body toward the girl on the arena. The following sight made their body shudder that even their breath stopped abruptly…

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  1. Miki: My bad~ I misunderstood the author. Qing Yi and Lin Yi are two different peeps.

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