EAA Chapter 657


Chapter 657 -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 11

A dagger had suddenly appeared in the green robed man’s hand. With a flash of its sharp radiance, his speed was so fast that people could only see a blurred green ray of light as he charged toward Mu Ru Yue.

But everyone knew that Mu Ru Yue was in peril danger…

Could the girl that just dazzled the crowd be killed by that green robed man?

Yet, that man was too powerful that they couldn’t offer any help…


Suddenly, an oppressive aura came over toward the green robed man from his front, making his body to tremble when he was forced to a halt in mid air…

A noble and charming purple robe had appeared before him with an elegant curve. The man still had a mask on his face, but people could still feel that he had a sinister cold expression.

“Spiritual Realm!”

This man was a Spiritual Realm expert!

Qing Yi’s gaze was slightly darkened with a trace of wariness in his eyes.

“Spiritual Realm?” Dongfang Liang was startled as he shrieked, “He is at the Spiritual Realm? How can that be? His age shouldn’t be large, judging from his body’s aura. How can he be a Spiritual Realm expert?”


‘The two of them are monsters!’

Just when everyone calmed down, they heard Dongfang Liang’s words. Grievance filled their faces. Did the god made these two monsters appear just to purposely scare them?

“Who are you two?” Qing Yu’s expression was slightly dark as he continued, “I believe that the two of you shouldn’t be from this realm. One of you is a young Heaven Stage alchemist while the other is a tyrannical Spiritual Realm expert. I shouldn’t not know of your existence with the two of you having such outstanding innate talents!”

A glacial light was reflected off from Ye Wu Chen’s silver mask as he looked sinisterly at the man before him. He then wordlessly raised his hand.


A purple sword abruptly appeared in his hand.

A faint purple glow was emitted from the surrounding of his sword. It looked as though he held a ray of light in his hand. Following that, his slender body moved in a flash to land before Qing Yi.

“Your greatest mistake that you have done in this life is for you to be delusional in trying to hurt her!”

The man’s voice was low and heavy, but it gave off a charming vibe. Yet, it made Qing Yi’s heart shuddered as fear permeated his heart.

“You want to make a move on me?” Qing Yi took in a deep breath before saying coldly, “Do you know who my master is? He is a Supreme Realm expert!”

If the distance between the Spiritual Realm to the God Realm was vast, the Supreme Realm was already at the border of the God Realm. Supreme Realm experts could already be said to be peak experts in this world that didn’t have god!

He initially thought that he would be able to scare Ye Wu Chen to retreat from his words. However, Ye Wu Chen’s expression remained unchanged and a layer of coldness enveloped his body instead.


The purple sword coated with lightning formed into a lightning dragon as it shot toward Qing Yi. Qing Yi hastily moved in a flash to hide away from it. He then saw a spatial hole before him.

“Since you want to be offensive toward me, I don’t need to continue being courteous!”

A glimmer flickered in Qing Yi’s eyes. Just when he wanted to make another move, an anger filled voice was heard from above him, “Qing Yi, what are you doing here?”

That familiar voice made Qing Yi’s finger to tremble a little as he raised his gaze with astonishment to look at the beautiful figure standing in mid air…

‘Why… why is she here?

Qing Yi was stunned.

‘Shouldn’t she be cultivating with master? Why has she appeared here now? Moreover, how can master let her come here by herself with master’s protectiveness over her?’

Zi Shao’s gaze shifted from Qing Yi to the two people behind him. Rays of excitement surged in her eyes momentarily…

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      The aunt of Zi Qian Jing (FL’s past life son) that helped save him from the frozen space that Nangong Zi Feng locked him up at. Ye Wu Chen is a cousin to Zi Shao. With marriage of Mu Ru Yue to Ye Wu Chen, Mu Ru Yue became sister in law in the family. I hope that cleared it up~

  1. Así que tienen el mismo maestro y por lo visto es mimada por el maestro y tú intentaste acabar con su familia… solo puedo decir R.P.I

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