EAA Chapter 658


Chapter 658 -Gathering And Reunion Part 1

“Who are you?” Dongfang Liang frowned as he looked coldly at the girl standing in mid air before continuing, “How dare you treat Lord Qing Yi with such disrespect!”

Dongfang Liang held lots of faith on Qing Yi. It was due to him not only being an expert, he was a disciple to a lord.

That lord was the number one expert of Realmless so how could people dare to offend his disciples?

“Master?” Nangong Zi Lan was stunned for a moment as she looked at that familiar face with astonishment. She was clueless as to why her master had appeared here.


Zi Shao didn’t look at anyone other than the two people before her. Tears subconsciously blurred her vision, gradually flowing down her face.

“Elder brother, sister-in-law…”

The magnificent figure descended in a flash to land before the two of them. Tears drenched her delicate long eyelashes. Her heartfelt excitement was completely expressed on her face.

Mu Ru Yue looked at a lost toward Ye Wu Chen. It was obvious that she didn’t understand what was going on. But she unknowingly had the urge to get close to the girl before her…

“Zi Shao?” Ye Wu Chen’s purple gaze landed on the other’s face. He then asked questioningly after remaining silent for a moment.

“Cousin,” Zi Shao wiped away her tears before a extremely brilliant smile blossomed on her face. With a smile as eye catching as fireworks, she continued, “I… I missed the two of you so much…”

Ye Wu Chen’s brows knitted tightly. He then raised his arms to protect Mu Ru Yue in his embrace before he said with raise brows, “You aren’t allowed to take my wife away!”

If it was the past, Zi Shao would definitely be so enraged to the point that she stomped her feet. But this time she just chuckled as she replied, “Elder brother, you are still the same as before. The two of you are indeed my elder brother and sister-in-law. But I got to know sister-in-law first. It was you who had forcefully inserted yourself between us, ruining our close friendship.”  

She pouted with grievance in her eyes.

It was undeniable that Ye Wu Chen’s words had dispersed the sorrow in her heart, making her reminisced their past. All sorts of feeling welled up in her heart…

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue’s long, shapely eyebrow wrinkled tightly as she raised her gaze to focus on Zi Shao. With a tremble of her heart, she commented, “She is…”

“Yue Er!”

Zi Shao briskly walked two steps forward. Just as she was about to hold onto Mu Ru Yue’s hand, Ye Wu Chen raised his hand to smack her hand down. He just swept a gaze at Zi Shao’s resentful expression before lowering his gaze toward Mu Ru Yue and advised, “Mu Er, she can follow us. But I don’t want you to get too close to her. Otherwise, she will take you away to faraway places, making me search for you again…”

He didn’t forget that this girl always tried to bring his wife to faraway places daily in their past life. Thus, he definitely mustn’t give Zi Shao the chance in getting close to Mu Ru Yue this life.

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue gritted her teeth as she glared at Ye Wu Chen and asked, “Will you tell me who she is or not?”

Ye Wu Chen swept his gaze toward Zi Shao and replied, “She is a human trafficker.”

‘Human trafficker?’

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment before three black lines instantly appeared on her forehead.

“Cousin, you really are too much!” Zi Shao stomped her feet in fury as she continued aggrievedly, “If I knew this earlier on, I would’ve said bad things about you to Yue Er that year so that she wouldn’t accept you as her partner. Instead, I did everything I could to pair the two of you up. I even told her a lot of lies to help you. Yet, you are really too much.

“Yue Er, stop following him and leave with me instead. I will help you find a better husband. Bai Ze is a great candidate. He is deeply infatuated toward you. How about you marry Bai Ze instead to help me anger Wu Chen to his death?!”

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