EAA Chapter 660


Chapter 660 -Gathering And Reunion Part 3

If it wasn’t for that case, Senior Yue wouldn’t have been able to get to know Zi Huang. It would then be impossible for the existence of that magnificent divine couple that everyone in the continent knew appear.

Zi Shao sighed slightly. It seemed that some matters were really destined to happen…

When Ye Wu Chen’s gaze landed on both of them, the light in his purple eyes softened. Warm rays of light from his eyes enveloped the two embracing figures.

“Zi Lan, is that really your master?” Nangong Chen was stunned for a moment before he asked doubtfully.


He had seen Zi Shao before.

Even though she didn’t have a surpassingly beautiful appearance, she was still stunning at first glance.

Her beauty was from her grievance and taciturn appearance…

But was that willful and lovable girl really the master Zi Shao that they were familiar with?

Nangong Zi Lan shook her head. With a slight raise of her fine and long eyelashes, she remained silent for a while before replying, “She is my master, but I’m clueless as to why master has changed so much. Moreover, why did she call Lady Mu and Mister Ye her elder brother and sister-in-law? She seems to be much older than them…”

‘Can it be that they were the ones that master has been searching for all these years? If that is really the case, what are the backgrounds of those two people…’

“I’m doomed!”

Qing Yi’s legs softened, nearly collapsing on the ground. But he forced himself to continue standing.

Zi Shao wasn’t fearsome, but her backings was the one. It was the old man that was mighty enough to shake the entire Realmless for a moment…  

Even though he had always been self proclaiming that he was that old man’s disciple, that old man had never once acknowledged him as one. That old man saw that the essence of his bones was good so he just taught him a few moves a couple of years ago.  

Hence, even if he thought that he could be counted as his disciple, he wasn’t.

But Zi Shao was different.

‘She is that old man’s bonafide disciple and is even his successor. If that old man was to know that he wanted to kill his disciple’s family member, it will be insufficient to quell his anger by killing me multiple times even if I were to have multiple lives…

‘No! I must think of a way to get away from this matter cleanly. This matter definitely must not enter the ears of that old man.’

Yet, as the proverb said, ‘There wasn’t a need to fear god-like opponent, but you should be fearful of pig-like comrades’.

Just as Qing Yi was bitterly thinking up a plan, Dongfang Liang’s disdainful voice was heard, “Lady, do you really want to make an enemy out of my Dongfang family?”

Zi Shao came back to her senses. With a raise of her brows, she looked toward Dongfang Liang with a fake smile and asked, “Oh? What if I say yes?”

Haha!” Dongfang Liang burst out laughing and replied, “Lady, you seem to know Lord Qing Yi really well so you should know that he is a disciple of the top expert of Realmess, Deity Yun Yi, who is also a Supreme Realm expert! Can it be that you want to be an enemy of Deity Yun Yi? You won’t have enough lives for him to kill at that moment. Thus, I shall give you an advice. It is better for you not to meddle in others business. It is more important in keeping your life.”

Just as Qing Yi wanted to stop him from speaking, it was already too late.

Dongfang Liang had said those words at one go without taking in a single breath. He didn’t in the slightest notice that Qing Yi’s expression had already turned ashen.

“This… this man is the disciple of Deity Yun Yi?”

Clamours rose from the crowd momentarily as they looked flabbergasted at Qing Yi that had a pale complexion. Worship and reverence filled their eyes.

Who was Deity Yun Yi? Even though nobody had seen him before, they all knew the name of the top expert. How honorable would it be to be his disciple?

Moreover, Deity Yun Yi was a Supreme Realm expert. There were some experts that trained for hundreds and even thousands of years but wasn’t able to breakthrough from the Spiritual Realm to the Supreme Realm. When one became a Supreme Realm expert, it would be a proof that he was no longer an ordinary human and be placed above the common populace.

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