EAA Chapter 666


Chapter 666 – Departure Part 3

Mu Ru Yue remained silent for a moment before raising her gaze and replied, “I will let you come and find me when I’m in need of help. But I will be taking Qing Yi with me when we leave this time…”

She had naturally took in the four large families in order to deal with Nangong Zi Feng. But they were too weak now. They would only be able to help if they become stronger.

“Ouyang Yun Jin, I will be making some people to come here to cultivate. Please take care of them when they do.” Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes when she said that.

It would be too dangerous for the Xiao family to stay at the Central Region as she couldn’t be there to protect them all the time. Moreover, the Alchemy Book couldn’t contain that many people.


Since that was the case, wouldn’t it be better for them to enter Realmless? They would definitely be out of danger with the four large families around. More importantly, this place would be beneficial in them increasing their cultivation rapidly.

“I understand.” Ouyang Yun Jin nodded slightly as he agreed, “Lady Mu, don’t worry. I will definitely take great care of those people, preventing them from meeting with any danger.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded in satisfaction upon hearing his words. She then shifted her to the two people by her side and said, “Wu Chen and Zi Shao, let’s go…”

She had left from the Central Region for almost a year. It was about time for her to head back now…

Thinking about her family that she had been separated from, she became stirred up subconsciously.

The entry and exit of Realmless to the Central Region were well hidden. But it was completely different from the door that she entered to enter Realmless. She finally understood why Mu Rong Qing Chu said to be well prepared.

This place didn’t have wind blades from before…

It was a mirage instead…

In that mirage, two familiar faces appeared before her eyes. When she saw them, her heart shuddered instantly. Her jaws dropped from being a little shock.

In the next scene, she saw numerous people had collapsed on the ground that was completely covered in blood, staining her eyes red.

It was unknown to Mu Ru Yue why her heart suddenly squeezed hardly when she saw this scene. Yet, when she wanted to say something, she suddenly realised that she couldn’t voice out…

At this moment, the two figure that appeared in her sight appeared before her eyes again.

That divine immortal-like man sat cross legged while lightning in the sky struck mercilessly toward the couple.

Even if the Phoenix furnace that was a divine instrument wasn’t able to withstand those lightning…

“Yue Er, are you afraid?” The man held the girl’s hand gently with a charming and gentle smile on his face. Adoration toward her filled his entire eyes.

The girl chuckled lightly as she replied as domineering as the might of the lightnings that were striking mercilessly toward them.

“Zi Huang, even if we have to go against fate, I will breakthrough this calamity this time! It is just a heaven tribulation. Even the heavens can’t do anything to me so what can a puny heaven tribulation do to me?”

The man chuckled lowly, raising his arms to pull her body into his embrace. With his voice low and hoarse but tremendously captivating as he said, “Yue Er, how fortunate for me, Zi Huang, to get to know you in my life? Even if we were to die from this heaven tribulation, I don’t have any remorse with you accompanying me.”



The heaven tribulation landed from the sky, striking at the couple that were embracing each other. Perhaps it was due to trying to lessen the harm to the girl that the man protected her tightly in his embrace, using his broad back to face the countless strike of heaven tribulations…

Suddenly, the purple pupils of the man’s eyes contracted as though he saw something alarming. Dread filled his charming purple eyes.

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          No need to be sorry xD His full name is Qing Yi so he can’t be Ouyang Yun Jin’s daughter. Ouyang Qian is his daughter’s name.

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