EAA Chapter 669


Chapter 669- Departure Part 6

Zi Shao was stunned for a moment before a complex gaze flashed past her eyes.

‘That’s right, what else other than those matters will make her that frantic?’

She pursed her lips and was at a loss as for what to say when she thought that.

“But…” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze toward Wu Chen as she smiled and continued, “It was Wu Chen’s voice that woke me up from my fury…”  


If it wasn’t for him, she would be trapped in that mirage for all her life. She would be constantly fighting against the image of Nangong Zi Feng until she died from exhaustion…

So this route in exiting Realmless was really dangerous.

It would show the person’s worst nightmare…  

“Wu Chen, what did you see?” Mu Ru Yue blinked her eyes as she asked curiously.

Ye Wu Chen’s face stiffened slightly.

How could he tell Mu Ru Yue that he saw her eloping with Feng Jing Tian, leaving him all alone behind…

But since he was certain that Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t do that, he instantly left the mirage…

“Nothing much,” Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly. His lips then gradually neared her face as he released hot breath as he said ambiguously, “I saw that you gave birth to a hundred children for me. Mu Er, don’t you think we should continue to work hard?”

‘A hundred?’

Mu Ru Yue’s face turned black instantly.

‘Is he treating me as a demon beast? Even a demon beast can’t give birth to hundred offsprings at one go…’

“Ye Wu Chen, you seem to be forgetting that there is one in my stomach that hasn’t yet been born?” Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at him and asked with raised brows

Ye Wu Chen’s smile instantly collapsed as he glared furiously at the obvious protrusion of Mu Ru Yue’s belly and replied, “It is unknown how much longer he will be inside your body. Once he comes out, I must teach him a harsh lesson for hogging your body. He is also indirectly affecting me by making me unable to create more offsprings to my heart’s content…”

“Ye Wu Chen!”

Mu Ru Yue’s face flushed.

‘Has he forgotten that Zi Shao and Mu Rong Qing Chu are present? How can he say such words now…’

A faint smile graced Mu Rong Qing Chu’s face as his gaze focused on the two. He didn’t say anything, but a complex light flashed across his eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue stood up from Ye Wu Chen’s embrace as she shrugged her shoulders before saying, “We should still be able to make it in time for the Immortal Doctor Banquet if we were to rush back now…”

The Xiao family was never peaceful after Mu Ru Yue left. People from the Immortal Doctor Sect frequently came knocking on their door. Yet, due to some rules, they weren’t able to casually make moves on them.

But what they did made everyone know that the Xiao family had offended the Immortal Doctor Sect, making some of the families that were in a quite good relationship with the Xiao family to stop making connections with them. Hence, the Xiao family was currently in a bleak state.

Although the Immortal Doctor Sect couldn’t make a move on the Xiao family, it didn’t mean that other powers couldn’t. Thus, the Immortal Doctor Sect used the hands of other families to force Ye Wu Chen out…

An arrogant yell out was heard inside the quiet Xiao family’s courtyard today, shaking the entire Empire for a moment.

“People from the Xiao family, quickly scram out for me!”

When Xiao Tian Yu heard the shout from within his room, a cold light flashed past his eyes as he commented with a slight frown, “It is the Lin family again!”

“Husband, do we need to head out?” Madam Sheng Yue held Xiao Tian Yu’s hand firmly with worry in her eyes.

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