EAA Chapter 679


Chapter 679 – Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 10


Tremendous powers exploded forth from her body. The attack had landed on the large simple and unadorned large doors of the Yao family, instantly shattering it.

“Who is it that dares to run amok in my Yao family?!”

Yao Lin previously had already heard the wolf’s howl from Xiao Yue. Yet, the entrance door of the Yao family had been shattered by a white robed girl with a magnificent appearance before he could come over in time. Overflowing fury instantly raged in his heart with the gloominess in his eyes intensifying.


“Where is Yao Yun Qing and Xiao Feng?” Mu Ru Yue cast a gaze at Yao Lin. With killing intent glimmering in her ice-cold eyes, she continued, “Tell me where did you imprison Xiao Feng!”

Yao Lin sneered as he asked, “Who is Xiao Feng to you?”

Mu Ru Yue continued to look at Yao Lin as she replied, “I’m his younger sister!”

Haha!” Yao Lin couldn’t help but to burst out laughing as he commented, “So you are a member of the Xiao family. Little girl, I admit that you are indeed really strong, but don’t you underestimate our Yao family. It doesn’t represent that there isn’t any expert in the family even if the old man is bedridden. It is impossible for you to oppose my Yao family just by yourself. I shall advise that the two of you should not meddle in this business. Otherwise, you won’t know how you will die!”

Suddenly, a sinister cold aura pressured over to Yao Lin, making his body to tremble momentarily. A purple figure flashed over to him before he could react. Following that, he felt a kick struck heavily on his chest, sending him flying backward!


Yao Lin’s body crashed into the courtyard with the back of his head colliding on a stone chair. The pain made his expression to distort. He then shouted furiously, “Yao Yun Qing doesn’t know what is best for her! It is her blessing to marry to Gong Xin. Yet, she dares to resist against the marriage. More importantly, Xiao Feng infiltrated into the Yao family wanting to take her away. I am already being merciful enough in not taking his life. However, I didn’t expect that Xiao Feng’s younger sister will also appear here. Since that’s the case, there isn’t a need for the two of you to leave. Someone, rip these two people’s corpse into tiny pieces!”

His expression was distorted with malevolence in his eyes as he said, “That wretch girl Yao Yun Qing still has some values. Gong Xin has promised to supply the Yao family with ten years of pills in exchange for her. Only an idiot will reject such a good offer! On another note, how can I allow the two of you to freely run amok at this place? Thus, I can only make the two of you to disappear forever!”

It was especially so since that man dared to hurt him!

Hence, they must die!

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly. With a ice-cold glint in her eyes, she warned, “You all better pray that nothing has happened to Xiao Feng. If not, I, Mu Ru Yue, will annihilate the Yao family!”

The girl had raised her face slightly under the sunlight with her robe fluttering, enhancing the brilliance of her appearance…

Yao Lin was stunned for a moment upon hearing the gir’s brazen but confident filled words. Subsequently, he raised his head to burst out laughing. His rampant laughs went on for a really long time under the sunlight.

Haha! Just by the two of you? If you are that capable, you just have to snatch those two people away from my hands. Otherwise, it will be Xiao Feng’s death day once that wretch girl Yao Yun Qing has been wedded off. He is just like a toad that desires swan’s meat. He wants to become our Yao family’s son-in-law? How can he qualify as one?”

He was still laughing for a moment before his laughs seemed to have been forcefully stuck in his throat. He then turned his head to look in terror at the man that was standing beside the white robed girl, making his breath tighten subconsciously. He had a feeling as though his life didn’t belong to him at this instant.

The man was undeniably handsome but he carried a dangerous vibe with him. He was like an Asura from hell. A terrifying chill could be felt by looking at his sinister and cold purple eyes.

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