EAA Chapter 682


Chapter 682 – Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 13

Huang Ying was petrified for a moment as her eyes widened in fear, looking at Mu Ru Yue’s glacial expression…   

“I’ve done some research on a couple of pills recently. There was one that can penetrate the intestines of the consumer, killing them. That pill is the rather direct way of killing. There is also the Bone Eroding Pill, Heart Penetration Pill, Burning Body Pill, Life Worse Than Death Pill, Ten Thousand Ants Eating At The Heart Pill and lastly, there is the Bone Changing Pill… Which of these pills do you want to try or do you want to try all of them? Don’t worry, I have ways to keep you alive through this process. You won’t be able to die even if you want to until you tell me his location!”  

Mu Ru Yue had a smile on her face while she introduced those pills. But her words made the hearts of people tremble in fright.

“No!” Huang Ying shrieked in terror as she exclaimed, “No! I will talk! I will tell you everything! Xiao Feng has… has already died…”


Mu Ru Yue slightly narrowed her eyes as she focused her cold gaze on Huang Ying’s face. She then suddenly smiled and commented, “Forget it, I won’t ask you anymore. Asking you was just the simplest way for getting his location. Since you refuse to talk, I will just have to find his location by myself. As for all those pills I’ve told you about, I will definitely let you try all of them so don’t you worry.”

She had already given her one chance. Yet, she didn’t cherish it so she didn’t need to continue giving her chances…

She shut her eyes upon saying that, gradually releasing her mental power again. Her mental power gradually enveloped the entire interior of the Yao family until she felt that indistinct weak presence. She then opened her eyes with a tinge of ice-cold aura that flashed past her eyes as she said, “Wu Chen and Qing Er, I’ve found eldest brother’s location. Let’s go to him.”

Everyone could distinctly feel the killing intent bursting forth from Mu Ru Yue at this moment.

It was due to the presence of Xiao Feng being too weak. It was as though his presence would burn out at any moment. A raging flame of fury that seemed to be capable of destroying everything surged in her heart upon knowing that. Her ink-black eyes became increasingly glacial.

“If something horrible happened to my eldest brother, I will make everyone that was involved in this matter pay a bitter price!”

She didn’t mind massacring the Yao family for hurting her brother!

Huang Ying looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue’s departing figure. A chill ran down her spine. She knew for certain that they were doomed this time..


Currently, a fragrance smoke permeated in a young maiden’s pavillion, filling the room with a light pleasant fragrance.

There was a young girl in a green jade garment top with a pleated skirt sitting beside a bed. Her delicate and pretty face was focusing infatuatedly on the man on the bed.

She was also there at the scene yesterday but she just hid at the back, watching.

She, who lived in such a large family like the Yao family and had already gotten used to them having no regards for others, was amazed by such a courageous man.

He had barged all by himself into the Yao family for his beloved woman, unflinching!

“Xiao Feng…” The young girl muttered softly. With a gaze filled with obsession, she continued, “You really are a man like the wind. But your personality seems a little too cold. However, if I can be married to such a courageous man, I will be so satisfied with my life that I wouldn’t mind dying at that moment.”

Jealousy toward her older stepsister Yao Yun Qing, whom she never placed any importance on, surged in the young girl’s heart at this moment. She had a man that loved her so much!

As a girl, didn’t all of them aim to get such a good partner in their life?

The young girl giggled lightly as she raised her hand to caress the man’s handsome face. She then said, “Xiao Feng, don’t worry. I will protect you and prevent father from putting you on the spot. But you are severely injured now. I don’t know if the recovery pill that father had previously given to me will work…”

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  1. Caught up to the chapters ^0^

    Wow and there is another one trying to steal another person’s man.
    That Huang Ying sure is shameless that her daughter deserves more happiness than Yao Yun Qing, when she very well know that they are practically selling her off to a lecherous man with only superficial attraction to YYQ then dump her in the long ran for ONLY the benefit of a (short) 10 years supplies with what grade of pills? Low? Medium? They’d be lucky enough to get a dozen or so high grade, let alone a super rare high grade heaven pill. Xiao Feng is YYQ’s man in the first place who deeply cares, if they need any grade, type or number of pills they can request anytime and get it without time limit from the Pill Tower or Mu Ru Yue.
    For the benefit of the whole Yao Family Clan XF x YYQ marriage is more beneficial for an indefinite time with increasing value, even without looking at the couples affections. Except it doesn’t confer to the uncle’s benefit to power, as he doesn’t have the support of the more beneficial party (MRY) especially to what his done.
    Oops I’ve gone astray to what I was originally gonna say, oh well, never mind that’s already enough clump of words.

    Thanks for the chapters!!! ^0^

  2. I think they should just change the title to how to protect your man from envious women who wants to steal them as this story seems to be a never ending cycle of one or another woman trying to steal the MC’s man or the side characters… Thanks for this chapter.

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