EAA Chapter 684


Chapter 684 – Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 15

The young girl was stunned for a moment before she replied, “The broth of frozen jade dew!”

“The broth of frozen jade dew?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became increasingly cold with the cold aura surrounding her body intensifying as she continued, “Did you know that the broth of frozen jade dew and the Great Recovery Pill cannot be consumed together? They will become a deadly poison when mixed! He would have died if I came just an hour later!”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart palpitated upon thinking about that.

The outcome would be unimaginable if she was delayed on her way to the Yao family. She would just be seeing his dead body then.


Perhaps this girl didn’t intent on harming Xiao Feng, but her ignorance nearly cost the life of her brother. How could she just let it go easily?

“Nonsense!” The young girl stood up as she disagreed and rebuked, “The broth of frozen jade dew is similarly a life saving remedy. How can it be poisonous? Perhaps nothing would’ve happened to him if he had consumed the entire bottle of jade dew! If it wasn’t for your appearance, I would’ve already saved his life!”

“The entire bottle? Haha!” Mu Ru Yue burst out laughing with her smile getting increasingly colder as she continued, “If you made him consume the entire bottle, he would’ve been an ice-cold corpse in just ten minutes! The broth of frozen jade dew and Great Recovery Pill are indeed life saving remedies. But they are refined with medicinal plants. There are two conflicting medicinal plants between them. They could save lives if used separately, but will be fatal when mixed! I mentioned before that you aren’t an alchemist, so you wouldn’t understand the components of these life saving remedies! More importantly, you nearly killed my eldest brother with your ignorance!!”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice couldn’t help but to tremble as she said her last line.

“No! Impossible! I refuse to believe what you say. You are lying to me!” The young girl retreated a couple of steps back, shaking her head profusely. It was impossible for her to believe what Mu Ru Yue had said.

It was just too outrageous to her.

‘How could a life saving remedy turn poisonous?’

Mu Ru Yue shook her head helplessly. She knew that there wasn’t a need to continue explaining it to this ignorant girl as she wouldn’t understand no matter what…


Yao Yun Qing intercepted the girl from continuing as she said, “Yao Lan, I am really grateful to you for getting Xiao Feng out of the underground prison. But you nearly made me lose my beloved man due to your ignorance! Of course, if someone did something wrong and admitted their mistakes, perhaps they would receive forgiveness. Nevertheless, you just kept refusing to admit it to the very end, always trying to push the blame on others. As expected, you have become such a spoiled brat from your parents’ pampering that you don’t even have the courage to admit your mistakes. With just this fact, I definitely wouldn’t forgive you for nearly killing Xiao Feng!”

The young girl’s complexion turned pale as she said in slight anger, “Yao Yun Qing, why are you here? Didn’t father make you stay in your room to await your marriage day? You are already going to marry someone else so stop harassing him. Gong Xin is the man that you will be with!”

Yao Yun Qing smiled, but her smile wasn’t as dazzling as sunlight when Mu Ru Yue met her for the first time. Coldness filled her eyes instead.

“Yao Lan, your parents are already unable do whatever they want. They originally thought that with grandfather being bedridden, he couldn’t do anything and that they could freely meddle with my marriage after sending my parents away from the family.  It’s a pity that their plots have been flushed down the drain now…”

The young girl was stunned for a moment. It was as though she couldn’t believe what Yao Yun Qing said.

‘What does she mean by daddy and mommy are unable to do whatever they want?’

She instantly shot an astonished gaze toward them with a trace of doubt flashing past her eyes…


The young girl was stunned for a moment before she replied, “The tears of happiness from Goddess Miki!”

“The tears of Goddess Miki?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became increasingly cold with the cold aura surrounding her body intensifying as she continued, “Didn’t you know that the tears of Goddess Miki is too strong for human to withstand? You even mixed it with the Great Recovery Pill. His body would have exploded if I came just an hour later!”

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