EAA Chapter 686


Chapter 686 – Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 17

“What… what did you say?” Yao Yun Qing was slightly stunned as she looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue. Did she mishear what she said?

‘Grandfather is already beyond treatment and it isn’t an ordinary illness. But she said she can still save his life?

‘I must have misheard…’

“I might be able to save your grandfather. But you must first bring me to him to be sure.”


Suddenly, Yao Yun Qing got back to her sense as she excitedly grabbed onto Mu Ru Yue’s hands. She then replied in a shaky voice, “Is… is what you’re saying the truth? Can you really save him? Yue er… I… I don’t how to thank you for this. If it wasn’t for you, I perhaps would already be forced to marry Gong Xin. It is my blessing to get to know you in this life.”

Ye Wu Chen frowned as he saw Yao Yun Qing holding tightly onto Mu Ru Yue’s hands. With a wave of his hand, he pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace.

Yao Yun Qing was startled for a moment at the emptiness of her hands. She then pouted.

‘Yue Er’s man really is a vinegar jar. He doesn’t even allow me to touch her…’

“Qing Er, I’m not completely sure as I need to see his condition before making a conclusion.” Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze to look at the girl before her as she said with a determined gaze, “Not to mention that we are acquainted, I will also help you as my sister-in-law. I promise to do everything in my ability to save your grandfather even if I’m not absolutely certain that I could treat him!”

Yao Yun Qing laughed jubilantly. Tears of happiness started to well up in her eyes while she laughed.

She knew that if Mu Ru Yue were to say such words, she definitely had the confidence in treating her grandfather. In that case, she wouldn’t lose the person that was the most important to her in this Yao family…

“Yue Er, perhaps my following words may be redundant but I will still say it. No matter if you will succeed or not, I still want to thank you for trying. I also understand that you definitely wouldn’t treat him if I wasn’t Yao Yun Qing.”

She definitely wouldn’t casually save anyone no matter what benefits she may obtain.

It was all due to her being Yao Yun Qing and the fiancée of Xiao Feng!

Her face flushed upon thinking about that. She raised her gaze to look at the man on the bed. Her eyes momentarily met with his deep gaze. Her heart skipped a beat at that instant, she then hastily lowered her head.

“Yue Er, I will bring you to see my grandfather now.”

Yao Yun Qing pursed her lips with a trace of killing intent flashing past her eyes. If it wasn’t for grandfather being critically ill, how could second uncle be so unbridled? If grandfather was to regain his vigour, perhaps the first one that grandfather would deal with would be second uncle.

Grandfather had already been disappointed with second uncle’s action all these years, but he always wanted to give him another chance. It was a pity that he threw that chance away by himself…

There were people laying disorderly on the ground inside the Yao family’s courtyard, all howling in grief.

The silver wolf raised her head arrogantly. Her posture was so elegant and beautiful. Yet, she bit into a person’s neck and swung her head to send him flying, carrying out a massacre.

“Damn it!” Yao Lin’s expression changed drastically. With a malevolent expression, he ordered, “Everyone, take down that wolf!”

Xiao Yue swept a gaze through the crowd before it landed on Yao Lin’s face. She then slowly walked toward him with elegant steps. Each of her steps seemed as though she was stepping heavily on Yao Lin’s heart…


When Yao Lin retreated, an oppressing aura was shot toward the elegant wolf before him…


Xiao Yue was momentarily forced to retreat a couple of steps. Her silver eyes then shot toward a white haired elder in yellow robes, who was standing in mid air. She then narrowed her eyes with an ice-cold glint in her eyes…

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