EAA Chapter 688


Chapter 688 -Treatment Part 2

“Eldest young mistress, you also an accomplice in this case?” Fury surged in Senior Hui Yi’s heart. With his eyes turning glacial, he continued, “Don’t forget that you are a member of the Yao family. The bloodline of the Yao family flows in your body. Yet, you help outsiders to kill members of the Yao family. Don’t you think you are being a disappointment to your grandfather that is bedridden?”

Yao Yun Qing smiled coldly as she met her gaze with the elder’s eyes, unfazed.

“Senior Hui Yi usually doesn’t bother with matters regarding the family so you naturally don’t know what has happened recently. I, Yao Yun Qing, is still a direct descendant of the Yao family even if I am a girl. I am similarly the granddaughter that grandfather dotes upon the most. Yet, someone is taking advantage of grandfather being bedridden to sell me to the Gong family in exchange for ten years of pill supplies. More importantly, they captured my friend to threaten me. Can it be that I should lick their toes even when they treat me in such a fashion? I, Yao Yun Qing, isn’t that contemptible!”

The girl’s voice was sharp and clear as she said each words heavily, striking deeply into Senior Hui Yi’s heart.


Senior Hui Yi frowned. He just didn’t appear for this period of time. Yet, such a matter occured. He couldn’t help but to shoot a grave and stern gaze toward Yao Lin who was cowering at the side.

“You are to personally explain this to me later!”

He naturally had to protect Yao Lin, who was one of the direct descendants of the Yao family, as they were before outsiders afterall.

“Eldest young mistress, you can come and seek justice from me even if Yao Lin was at fault first. Why did you collaborate with outsiders to harm our Yao family?”

“Outsiders? Haha!” Yao Yun Qing suddenly burst out laughing. With sorrow in her eyes, she explained, “Senior Hui Yi, did you know that my friend, Mu Ru Yue, is a disciple of a grandmaster in alchemy?  I had put in lots of effort to invite her to the Yao family to treat grandfather. But… but second uncle he…”

Yao Yun Qing become stirred up upon saying that. She criticized furiously, “He ordered these people from the Yao family to kill her after hearing that these people were here to treat grandfather! I have been putting in so much effort in trying to save grandfather, but second uncle has been doing his utmost to obstruct me. It is also known by all that he wants to monopolize the power of the Yao family so he definitely doesn’t want grandfather to recover!”

Yao Yun Qing certainly couldn’t tell Senior Hui Yi that Mu Ru Yue was here to rescue her. If it was that case, they would be at a disadvantage. Moreover, Senior Hui Yi treated grandfather as his brother so he naturally wanted him to recover. This was the only way and reason for Senior Hui Yi to give in.

“Nonsense!” Yao Lin was so angry that his face flushed red. He looked anxiously at Senior Hui Yi as he rebuked, “Senior Hui Yi, you mustn’t listen to her nonsense. I definitely didn’t do those matters. These bastards just suddenly came and started massacring the Yao family, killing a lot of our members. Senior, you should seek justice for me!”

Senior Hui Yi’s gaze turned gloomy as he looked toward Yao Yun Qing and asked, “Was what you said the truth?”

“Yes!” Yao Yun Qing nodded once with all her might. With slight glimmers in her eyes, she continued, “Senior Hui Yi, Lady Mu is a disciple to a grandmaster in alchemy. If we offended her, that alchemist would be unhappy. He had first let his disciple to come here to check on grandfather’s condition. If she was unable to settle it,  he would then personally come forth. However, second uncle nearly killed her. If he really did, there would no longer be anyone that could save grandfather’s life!”

Her words were to give Mu Ru Yue a way out even if she were to fail.

Thus, Mu Ru Yue would still be able to leave this place safely even if she failed to treat her grandfather…

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