EAA Chapter 689


Chapter 689 -Treatment Part 3

Yao Yun Qing was clueless about Ye Wu Chen’s cultivation so she thought up of this plan. Even though the green robed man was a Spiritual Realm expert, Senior Hui Yi was also an experienced Spiritual Realm expert so the green robed man might not be able to defeat Senior Hui Yi. It would then be too difficult for Mu Ru Yue to escape if she were to fail.

“Senior Hui Yi, please don’t listen to the nonsense that she’s spouting!” Yao Lin glared at her as he persuaded, “How can this little girl treat father? She must be lying to escape punishment! It is impossible for it to be true!”

Senior Hui Yi didn’t say anything as he was lost in thoughts for a moment. The atmosphere became completely quiet. He then raised his cold eyes after a long time before saying indifferently, “Alright, I will give her a chance. I hope that you aren’t lying to me!”

“Senior Hui Yi!”


Yao Lin’s expression changed drastically. Just as he wanted to rebuke, he was stopped by Senior Hui Yi’s warning gaze.

He then glared furiously at Yao Yun Qing. He snorted inwardly.

‘This girl thinks she can deceive Senior Hui Yi this easily? I shall watch on until they prove to be unable to treat father. They will probably die a gruesome death at that time…”

Strong medicinal scents could be smelt inside a simple and unadorned room, making people frown uncontrollably.

The interior design was rather simple. An elder with a pale complexion was seen laying on a large bed with carvings. His white brows were tightly knitted. If it wasn’t for the crowd being sensitive to movements, they perhaps would be unable to feel his light breaths.

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin as she focused on the pale elder’s face. She then remained silent for a moment before she asked, “How long has your grandfather been ill for?”

Yao Yun Qing was stunned before she thought back and replied, “It should be about three to four years. But even though he was bedridden, he was able to sit up with great difficulty. It was until about a month ago that he could no longer speak. I only found out about that half a month later. Thus, I rushed back to the family. I just didn’t expect to only be able to see grandfather once before being locked up by second uncle, unable to accompany him for long.”

Yao Yun Qing swept a cold gaze at Yao Lin when she said that.

Yao Lin didn’t dare to be too presumptuous since Senior Hui Yi was present so he could only glare at her.

“Has there been alchemists that came here before?” Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly with a tinge of coldness in her eyes.

“There have been other alchemists!” Yao Yun Qing nodded before continuing, “Our Yao family had pleaded for the alchemists from the Medicine Sect to come and have a look at his condition. But those alchemists said that there was no hope in treating grandfather as they couldn’t treat him.”

“Have there been any other alchemists?”

A glimmer flashed past Mu Ru Yue as she had figured out her grandfather’s condition.

“No,” Yao Yun Qing shook her head as she explained, “Even the Medicine Sect said that there wasn’t any hope in treating grandfather. How could other alchemists be superior to the Medicine Sect’s?”

Mu Ru Yue gradually lift her gaze. With a trace of coldness in her eyes, she said, “I understand your grandfather’s condition already.”

Yao Yun Qing’s breath instantly tightened as she looked nervously at her and asked, “Can grandfather be treated?”

Everyone’s gaze landed on the girl’s impeccable face at this moment, waiting for her reply…

Yao Lin was the only exception as he had set his mind that it was just Yao Yun Qing trying to deceive Senior Hui Yi. How could that girl have such capability?

It was as though Mu Ru Yue didn’t feel his mockery gaze as she nodded and replied, “Your grandfather’s illness is really simple. It was just that he had come in touch with a plant known as Chinese Redbud Tree1. The pollen from the flower of the Chinese Redbud Tree would make a person’s body condition  deteriorate gradually to the point where they wouldn’t be able to move. You will need a Heaven Stage Low Rank Antidote Pill to get rid of this pollen’s poison.”

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  1. Miki: I googled a little but this tree doesn’t seem to be poisonous at all. Novel magic I guess? Anything can happen!

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