EAA Chapter 690


Chapter 690 -Treatment Part 4

Everyone became silent upon hearing what she said.

Yao Yun Qing smiled bitterly as she commented, “Heaven Stage Low Rank? There are hardly any alchemist at that level. They will only be in the Medicine Sect and the Immortal Doctor Sect. Does this mean that we need to go and seek help from the Medicine Sect again?”

She didn’t forget those disgusting expressions when she invited those people to treat grandfather.

They were just alchemists. Did they need to look down on everyone that wasn’t? The Yao family held the same powers with their Medicine Sect after all…


Hmph!” Yao Yun sneered before continuing, “I had mentioned that it was impossible for that girl to treat father. They must have fabricated about having a grandmaster! Senior Hui Yi, you shouldn’t continue to be fooled by them. They are just lying to you!”

Senior Hui Yi seemed to have not heard what Yao Lin said as he looked toward Mu Ru Yue and asked instead, “Do you have a Heaven Stage Low Rank Antidote Pill? If you give that pill to me, I won’t continue to look into what you did today and our Yao family will owe you a large favour!”

‘If this girl doesn’t have a way in treating the head of the family, I will definitely be disappointed. Yet, her calm expression makes it seem as though she held everything in her hands.  

‘I am more keen on having to owe this girl a favour than to invite those alchemists from the Medicine Sect that looked down on everyone…’

“No!” Mu Ru Yue shook her head before continuing, “I don’t have a Heaven Stage Low Rank Antidote Pill.”

Yao Lin couldn’t help but to burst out laughing upon hearing what she said. He then said, “Haha! I’ve already told you that Yao Yun Qing is lying to you. If she is really a disciple of a grandmaster, how could she not have an Antidote Pill? Senior Hui Yi, I suggest that we capture and kill this girl to avenge the deaths of the Yao family’s members!”

A sinister glint flashed past his eyes as he said that malevolently.

It would still be hard for him to appease his heartfelt hatred for that girl even if he were to chop her corpse into tiny pieces!

“But…” Mu Ru Yue looked differently at Senior Hui Yi before continuing, “You can help me in preparing the medicinal ingredients for the antidote. There are a couple medicinal plants that requires to be at least ten thousand years old medicinal plants in the refinement of the Heaven Stage Low Rank Pill. I don’t have that many precious medicinal plants on hand.”

She was unwilling to display before others that she could increase the age of medicinal plants. Moreover, it shouldn’t be an issue for the Yao family to gather those medicinal plants with their power…

Yao Lin’s smile stiffened instantly.

‘Have I heard wrongly? This girl is asking Senior Hui Yi to prepare the medicinal plants for the antidote? Can it be that she really have a mysterious grandmaster alchemist backing her?’

Senior Hui Yi nodded slightly as he agreed, “Alright, I will get people to prepare them. I don’t know when you will be able to refine this Antidote Pill? Will you be delivering the medicinal plants to your master?”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head and explained, “There’s no need for that. You just have to deliver the medicinal plants here. But you need to bring them to me in two hours. I can wait for a long time, but the head of the family won’t be able to. His limit will be tonight! Thus, there isn’t much time to spare so you must get those medicinal plants here as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!”

‘Two hours?’

The crowd was stunned. Could it be that the girl would be personally refining the medicinal plants? How could that be?! It was a Heaven Stage Low Rank Pill. How could she possess such tyrannical cultivation at such a tender age?

Senior Hui Yi was startled for a moment before he agreed, “I will be able to get those medicinal plants in an hour as long as the medicinal plants aren’t too rare!”

“Don’t worry. They aren’t rare medicinal plants. It is just that the age for some medicinal plants are rather high so finding them will be a tad difficult…”

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