EAA Chapter 691


Chapter 691- Treatment Part 5

She took a pen and paper from a person beside her upon saying that. She then wrote down voluminously a row of words before passing the paper to Senior Hui Yi. She said indifferently, “You are all dismissed. You just need to gather those medicinal as quickly as possible. Qing Er, eldest brother and you should be exhausted after these few days. You can go and rest up first. It will suffice for me to just have Wu Chen accompanying me.”

Yao Yun Qing snapped out of her shock. She grasped tightly onto Mu Ru Yue’s hand. With a feeble light in her eyes, she said, “Yue Er, thank you very much! If it wasn’t for you, I would be at a loss on how to deal with this situation. I won’t let the Yao family hurt you no matter if you succeed in treating grandfather or not.”

Mu Ru Yue just smiled slightly, not replying to her.

She had previously said that she wasn’t fully confident in treating her grandfather. But it was due to her not knowing the condition of the head of the Yao family. Now that she knew the reason for his illness, it would be much simpler to treat him.


The Antidote Pill was the most common pill amongst the Heaven Stage Low Rank pills.

Hence, it made people curious as to why the Medicine Sect said that there was no hope in treating the head of the Yao family…

The Yao family was indeed worthy of being one of the four large powers of the Central Region. They were able to gather all of the necessary medicinal ingredients for refining the Antidote Pill in less than an hour. Following that, Mu Ru Yue started to refine the pill…

Even though Mu Ru Yue told Yao Yun Qing to rest, how could she sleep under such a crisis? Hence, she didn’t leave and just paced outside the room with worry filling her eyes.

“Senior Hui Yi,” Yao Lin frowned in slight dissatisfaction as he persuaded, “How can you leave father in the hands of a stranger? You will be deeply remorseful if she were to do something to him. That girl had killed so many members of the Yao family so why would she care about an old man? She is clearly in cahoot with Yao Yun Qing in wanting to kill father!”

“Second uncle, what do you mean by that?” Yao Yun Qing’s expression turned grim as she rebuked mockingly, “Grandfather had made me the successor of the family. You then started to try and kill me, being delusional in trying to snatch the successor position away from me. Did you think that you will be able to become the head of the Yao family after you snatch away the writ tablet? You will still be nothing after grandfather awakens. I definitely won’t pass the Yao family to someone like you even if I am not interested in becoming the head of the family!”

Yao Lin’s expression changed completely. He didn’t know if his father’s brain had malfunctioned in letting a girl govern the Yao family. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to passing the Yao family to a person with a different surname?

“Yun Qing, you must speak with conscience. I’m indeed displeased toward you. But I am not the only one that is being unhappy toward you. Who told you to be a girl? The Yao family definitely can’t be passed to a girl! But when did I pursue after your life? If I did, how are you still standing here?”

Only he knew about that matter anyways. He just needed to be adamant in denying her claims.

Yao Yun Qing sneered before she shifted her head away from him, not saying anything further. In contrast, Xiao Feng, who was standing by her side, was slightly discontented as he looked coldly toward Yao Lin.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Senior Hui Yi frowned, impatiently. He then cast a cold gaze toward the bickering people. With a gloomy voice, he continued, “You can explain it to the head by yourself after he awakens!”

A slight chill rose in Yao Lin’s heart. He originally thought that there wasn’t any hope in father recovering and was unable to speak. Hence, he had said some things that he shouldn’t have before him.

If he were to awaken…


‘It is impossible!

‘That old man will never be able to get up again! Nobody will know what I had done…’

Yao Lin calmed down upon thinking that as he shot a complacent gaze toward Yao Yun Qing. He had a cynical smile on his face. It was as though he was mocking the girl for thinking that she was clever.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter… I love seeing them struggle while still on the hook…Yao Lin doesn’t even realize that he’s already in the pan

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      I know right xD We just see him keep digging his own grave continuously while being clueless about that! ?

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