EAA Chapter 693


Chapter 693 -Treatment Part 7

Yao Jun opened his eyes and shot a glacial gaze toward Yao Lin.

“My great son had been doing a lot of things behind my back all these years. If I wasn’t critically ill to the point of being unable to speak and even in a stupor state, perhaps he wouldn’t have confessed to me what he had done.”

Sorrow filled his eyes as he continued furiously, “My third son that I was most proud of had been killed by him. He killed his younger brother in order to prevent him from snatching the head position of the family. If it wasn’t for the old madam being too weak and the eldest daughter-in-law being too unworthy of respect, he definitely wouldn’t allow my eldest son to live. But my eldest son has a great daughter. He then started to pursue after Qing Er’s life after I passed the family’s power to Qing Er! If Qing Er wasn’t a girl, she wouldn’t have been able to live for so many years.”

It was precisely due to her being a girl that Yao Lin didn’t deem her a threat, leaving her with her life…


Everyone that had crowded around the head’s bed was stunned. It was like a bolt from the blue. Yao Lin, who they had supported all along, did such an outrageous act?

If the third master was still living, they definitely wouldn’t have supported him. It was due to the third master’s death, the eldest master being too weak, and not wanting the Yao family to fall into outsider’s hand that they supported the second master to be the successor of the family.

Who knew that his hands were stained with his brother’s blood?!

If they knew about that earlier, they would have supported Yao Yun Qing instead. They definitely wouldn’t have chosen to serve a man that could kill his own brother and had  been trying to kill his niece!

The Yao family surely wouldn’t be able to progress far if it had been entrusted to a man like him.

Yao Yun Qing remained silent.

She had once heard her father mentioned that she had an uncle. That uncle had extraordinary innate talent with an outstanding aptitude. He had been greatly doted upon by her grandfather. Yet, he had died in an accident when he was eighteen. He wasn’t able to marry any wife or concubine before he died so he didn’t have any descendants. That incident became grandfather’s most painful and regretful matter in his life.

However, what really stung grandfather’s heart was that it was his second son that had killed his third son.

Usually, killing of brothers would only occur if they were of the same father but of different mothers. But all three of them came from the same mother!

How could this not hurt grandfather’s heart?

“Father, I really know that I’ve done wrong. Please forgive me.”

Yao Lin’s complexion was gravely pale as he heavily knocked his head on the ground. His forehead was quickly covered with bruises as blood streamed down from his forehead. But he didn’t stop.

Yao Jun shut his eyes again as he hardened his heart and announced, “Yao Lin had killed his own biological brother. He isn’t worthy of being a member of the Yao family. His name shall be eradicated from the ancestral hall and he’ll be executed by a thousand cuts!”

He seemed to have used all his strength to say that as he lied back down.

If he was just running amok as per usual, perhaps he wouldn’t have minded as much. But he certainly wouldn’t allow members of the Yao family to kill one another. Since he had killed his brother, he must go to the netherworld to apologize to him!


The verdict of being executed by a thousand cuts struck heavily on Yao Lin’s heart. He shrieked heart-wrenchingly, “Father, I don’t want to die! I really don’t want to. Please let me go. I know that I’ve done wrong. I will burn paper offerings to third brother. I will also go and see him every Tomb Sweeping Day. I promise to never repeat what I have done. Father, please forgive me.”

Yao Jun’s body shook a little, but he stayed firm with his decision.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t given him any chance. It was just that he never cherished them. He did such an unforgivable act. If he forgave him now, who knows how many innocent lives would fall under his hands…

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