EAA Chapter 697


Chapter 697 -Treatment Part 11

A red glow flashed past Feng Jing Tian’s eyes. He then raised his head to focus his bloodshot eyes at the girl before him.

“I definitely will not forget you nor will I ever hurt you!” His voice was filled with resolution when he said that.

Mu Ru Yue was startled when she looked at his determined eyes for a moment. She then smiled lightly and replied, “I hope so…”


The breeze blew on the mountain range filled with clouds and mists. A girl raised her gaze to look at the sky above her with her sleeves fluttering lightly with the wind.

“You Lan, has she reached the Immortal Doctor Sect?” The girl said in an glacial tone as cold as ice.

Yao Lan was kneeling on a knee as she replied respectfully, “Young mistress, the girl known as Mu Ru Yue has indeed arrived at the Immortal Doctor Sect. But Ye Wu Chen wasn’t by her side. She seemed to know a guy known as Feng Jing Tian instead. That man seems to be looking at her with an unusual gaze…”

The girl sneered coldly as she said, “He definitely won’t be far from her since she is here. You Lan, don’t make any moves on her now. I currently can’t expose too much of myself.”

“That’s right, young mistress,” Yao Lan seemed to have thought about something before continuing, “Young mistress, the sect master has returned.”

“Mhm. I got it.” The girl nodded lightly, but there wasn’t any expression on her face.

She was just borrowing this body so she naturally didn’t have much feelings toward this body’s mother. Moreover, she just wanted to make use this body’s innate talent and the power of the powerful Immortal Doctor Sect…

“Young mistress,” You Lan hesitated for a moment before continuing, “The sect master seems to be receiving an honorable guest. I heard a rumour that the guest possess powers superior to that of the Immortal Doctor Sect. That guest is the son of the lord who is the actual owner of the Immortal Doctor Sect! If you can make a connection with him, you may be able to obtain benefits.”

The girl remained silent before raising her ice-cold face after a long time.

“I understand. You are dismissed. I will soon check that person out.” She replied to Yao Lan in a tone that was cold enough to freeze all of the blood in her body.

When the girl just entered the luxurious hall, she saw the man that was sitting at the chief seat. Astonishment subconsciously surged in her eyes when she saw that man, even after seeing such a handsome man like Ye Wu Chen.

If Ye Wu Chen’s appearance was described as charming and noble like an Asura, the man before her could be said to be extraordinary.

She had never seen a man that was so unblemished by the mundane world. He was so cold and unfeeling as though he was an immortal that was not eating the food of the common mortals.

His silver hair flowed with the breeze, grazing against his face that was so fair to the point of almost being transparent. The man’s slender and long fingers were holding onto a teacup before him. His action of sipping tea was elegant and captivating.

He had a different grandeur as compared to Ye Wu Chen, but he similarly looked perfect.

However, the girl came back to her senses after being stunned for a short moment.

In her point of view, only Ye Wu Chen, that was a charming yet ruthless Asura-like man, could attract her. On the other hand, the man before her was too emotionless like an immortal, giving people a fictitious vibe.

More importantly, such an immortal-like guy usually wouldn’t have blood stained hands. A guy that was too clean wasn’t one that she could love…

But such a guy was pleasant to the eyes.

The immortal-like man lifted his head slightly as he cast a gaze at the woman seated beneath him. Coldness filled his eyes. There wasn’t the slightest gentleness in his eyes like when he looked at Mu Ru Yue.

“Feng Er, you’re back?” The middle aged woman that was sitting at a seat lower than the man’s stood up abruptly and introduced smilingly, “Let me introduce this guest to you. He is Murong Qing Chu1, Mr Murong…”

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  1. Miki: Sorry guys, I kinda screwed up his name for quite some time… Looks away There shouldn’t be a gap between Mu and Rong as I just realized that Murong was his surname. I’m really sorry for this correction.

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  1. Hahah this was kind of sad to read, my hahaha was with sadness and painful feelings, I really would like for Feng Ying Tian to go to Bai Ze, why? I don’t know I just have this feeling that he is wise and clear.
    Their exchange even the girl I like it, so refreshing to read they talking just like that…
    Ahhh pleasse I want for that Xiao Ying to not being an evil being

  2. Hahahaha the evil undying hungry ghost Zi Feng is a goner. Mu Ru Yue has a more powerful thigh to hug than that undying cunt.

  3. Not hte first time that I encounter Murong / Mu Rong name in novels, so i treated it as one family name from the start, not like a Mu family member with 3 names. 😉 Like Murong Liu Yue from Descend of the Phoenix was at the beginning refered to as Mu Rong Liu Yue.;-p

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