EAA Chapter 699


Chapter 699 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 2

Shangguan Feng was stunned for a moment as she raised her head to look at the man’s immortal-like handsome face. Astonishment surged in her heart again.

So, this cold immortal-like man could smile and even smiled so captivatingly. The world seemed to have lost its luster at that instant…

Murong Qing Chu regained the coldness in his eyes as though he felt Shangguan Feng looking at him with astonishment. He then looked lightly toward her

It was just a light glance but it was unknown to Shangguan Feng why her breath seemed to have tightened from it. It was like a hand was crushing her heart, making her unable to breathe at that moment.


She had originally thought that this immortal-like man wouldn’t casually hurt people. Yet, in contrast with his immortal-like appearance, he could hurt people with just his gaze…

It seemed that nobody should judge a person by his appearance…

Shangguan Feng’s complexion paled slightly, hastily lowering her head. She felt the pressure that was locked on to her was gradually diminishing the instant she lowered her gaze…

“If you’ve nothing else to report, you all are dismissed.”

Murong Qing Chu raised his teacup with his slender fingers gripping tightly onto it. He had a cold immortal-like expression as he said that in an indifferent tone.

“Mr Murong, if you are in need of something, please summon us anytime.”

Shangguan Lan nodded slightly at Murong Qing Chu before briskly leaving the hall, pulling Shangguan Feng along with her.

The pressure on Shangguan Feng’s heart vanished the moment she left the hall, making her take in a deep breath.

If Ye Wu Chen gave her the horrifying feeling as though he came from hell, this man that could pressure people without any warning made it impossible for people to guess his origin…

“Mother.” Shangguan Feng couldn’t help but frown as she thought back to what Shangguan Lan had said. She then complained, “I’ve already told you that there is already a man in my heart so no matter how outstanding Mr Murong is, I won’t be able to develop interest toward him.”

How could she not know that Shangguan Lan was trying to pair her up with Mr Murong?

Murong Qing Chu was indeed an outstanding man, but it was a pity that only that man stayed in her heart…

Shangguan Feng’s gaze darkened slightly with a ruthless glint that shone past her eyes.

‘That man can only be mine in this life no matter what! I will snatch him away from that wretch girl even if I have to overturn the entire word, regardlessly!’

“Feng Er,” Shangguan Lan frowned slightly before continuing, “I know that you love someone, but how can he be comparable to Murong Qing Chu no matter how strong he is? Murong Qing Chu is that lord’s son. He also has such a superb cultivation so if you can marry him, our mother and daughter’s position will be much stable. You can treat it as mother begging you this time.”  

Shangguan Feng smiled coldly with a tinge of disdain that flashed past her eyes.

Nonetheless, she didn’t express her displeasure on her face. She just bit her lips and lowered her gaze before replying, “I will listen to what mother says then.”

She could only temporarily listen to this old granny for the power of the Immortal Doctor Sect!

“That’s my Shangguan Lan’s obedient little girl.” Shangguan Lan smiled in satisfaction. In her point of view, it was her daughter’s poor attitude that provoked Murong Qing Chu.

If her daughter was to soften up to him, which man would be able to resist her charm?

Even if it was that cold immortal-like man, there would not be an exception!

“Feng Er, I am aware of your every action during this period of time. But with Mr Murong here now, some rules need to be followed. You are forbidden to make any moves on the competitors. If you do, even mother will not be able to protect you.”

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  1. I hope she dies already…I don´t for another powerful foe appearing…it is annoying, and all this misunderstanding about she being Ye Wu Chen´s fiance…gleeee

  2. what’s going to be even more hilarious is when she finds out who else knows him MWAHAHAHA. Evil begets evil.

    Thank you for the chapter!!

    1. Hahahhaa my gosh that will be so funny, new hate to old grievances! Hajahaah And yep, he does not casually hurt people…it is just that it is her hahahhaah

    1. This girl body is possesed by Zi Feng (the infatuated girl, who was crazy in love with Wu Che, the orphan who was taken by the Zhi Family, she caused the fall of that family, the death of Yue’er and Wu Chen in their past life, and was the one who dismbered Jin’er…

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  3. La gran pregunta es ¿cuándo se apoderó de ese cuerpo? y mientras sigue soñando en que WC te querrá algún día pedazo de basura… no eso es insultar a la basura… ¿cómo llamarla sin insultar a las mismas palabras?

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