EAA Chapter 700


Chapter 700  -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 3

Shangguan Lan frowned as how could she as the sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect not know what Shangguan Feng had been doing?

She just usually turned a blind eye to it. But currently, they mustn’t leave behind any evidence that could be used against them. Otherwise, if Mr Murong was to report to that lord, the sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect would mostly likely be changed.

Shangguan Feng lowered her gaze to hide the sinister glint in her eyes as she replied softly, “I understand!”

‘Let her go? How can I?


‘The person that I hate to the point of desperately wanting to rip her heart apart instantly is right before me. How can I possibly let her go? If I don’t kill that girl, it will be hard to appease the hatred in my heart!’

Shangguan Feng sneered with an ice-cold face…

The event was held at the plaza of the Immortal Doctor Sect. Hence, the surrounding of the plaza was crowded with people at the break of dawn.

Moreover, only the Pill Tower, excluding the three large powers, had gotten the qualifications to participate in the Immortal Doctor Banquet…

Thus, when Mu Ru Yue appeared, she attracted the attention of the crowd…

“She should be a person from the Pill Tower. It can’t be that she is the only one from the Pill Tower that will be participating in the competition, right?”

Tsk! How can she be able to stand victorious against so many competitors by herself?”

“Haha! The Pill Tower is just a newly emerged small power. There are rumours that it recently had nearly faced annihilation.They most probably be getting the last place in this competition.  I wonder who gave her the invitation…”

The crowd was discussing among themselves while looking with disdain towards Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue seemed to not have heard what the crowd was discussing as she just shot a gaze through the crowd and focused on Feng Jing Tian. With a slight raise of her brows, she said, “Holy Sect? Feng Jing Tian is with the Holy Sect?”

‘Moreover, the Holy Sect seems to be treating Xiao Jing and him with tremendous respect. I wonder what has happened to Feng Jing Tian during this period of time…’

“Quickly look, it is Fairy You Lan from the Immortal Doctor Sect.”

“Her grandeur was as pure as the air in an empty valley with a nature as gentle as an orchid. Fairy You Lan has always been so beautiful.

When another figure appeared, everyone shifted their gazes to the white-robed girl that was like an orchid in an empty valley that was walking forth into the plaza.

It was undeniable that female disciples of the Immortal Doctor Sect were indeed extremely beautiful. It was especially so with Fairy You Lan as her beauty was astonishing…

The crowd was unable to withdraw their gaze from such a breathtaking sight for this instant…  

“It’s you!”

Yao Lan swept a gaze through the crowd. Her gaze momentarily turned cold once her sight landed on Mu Ru Yue. Fury surged forth from her body.

“You Lan, you know her?”

An elder at her side looked at You Lan before shifting his gaze to Mu Ru Yue again, asking with a frown.

Hmph!” You Lan snorted coldly as she explained, “The young mistress was previously acquainted with that girl before she returned to the sect as the young mistress. She had treated that girl like her own sister, caring for her and rescuing her from danger numerous times. The young mistress was also kind enough to let her stay with her when she had nowhere to go. Who knew that that girl would snatch away the fiancé of the young mistress and also has been trying to kill the young mistress!”


Clamours rose vigorously among the crowd as they looked at Mu Ru Yue with contempt.

They didn’t expect that the girl with such an outstanding temperament was actually an ingrate that snatched away the young mistress’s fiance. She wasn’t worthy for the young mistress to have treated her so well initially.

The young mistress should have just let her perish on her own!


Anger burst forth from Feng Jing Tian’s body. Undisguised killing intent filled his ruthless and bloodshot eyes. With his aura surging forth from his body, he yelled furiously, “Shut up!”

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  1. Thanks for explaining Murong Q, Miki. His story was way back then no wonder I didn’t remember. MRY had cured another important son before the establishment of the Pill Tower. Is the author recycling ideas?
    Thanks for the chapter .

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      The story will progress further as time passes~ I was able to read finish the story once XD I’m rather picky with what I read so the story was at least entertaining to me to the end. [P.S please don’t ask for spoilers though as I don’t remember all the parts already…]

    2. I don’t think author is recycling or anything, when he was introduced back then, it was already stated that he was someone from this sect, that his status wasn’t low and that his backround was rather complex

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