EAA Chapter 702


Chapter 702 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 5

The feeling of snatching back her life from a death god’s hand was awesome…

She was certain that she was going to lose her life under this man’s hand at that instant!

“Who are you?” The elder looked coldly toward Feng Qing Tian before continuing with killing intent in his eyes, “This is my Immortal Doctor Sect. You aren’t allowed to act in such an unbridled manner!”  



Her aura started to circle around her body, giving rise to a gale.

Feng Jing Tian looked coldly at her. With a slight part of his lips, he shouted with his bloodshot eyes filled with gloominess, “Scram!”


A tyrannical power struck on the elder’s chest.


She was sent flying backward, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her elderly face instantly turned pale as she looked flabbergasted at the man’s magnificent face.

Suddenly, her gaze landed on the jade pendant attached to the man’s waist. Her pupils contracted abruptly as she commented, “You… you’re that person’s disciple?”

It was no longer a mystery why the Holy Sect was treating him so respectfully. It was due to him being a disciple of that person…

Feng Jing Tian shot a gloomy glance toward the elder’s pale face before shifting his gaze back to Mu Ru Yue. His sinister aura vanished at that moment as his phoenix eyes focused on her, filled with infatuation.

“Woman, I will not let anyone hurt you even if it is just disrespectful words toward you!”

Any disrespectful word about her was like a needle piercing mercilessly at his heart. He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her in the slightest!

“Feng Jing Tian…”

Mu Ru Yue sighed with slight frustration before asking, “What’s the point in doing this?”

Feng Jing Tian pursed his lips slightly before his lips curved up to a charming arc. With his phoenix eyes focusing on Mu Ru Yue, he replied, “I’m redeeming myself!

Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she looked slightly in shock toward Feng Jing Tian.

“That year…” Feng Jing Tian paused for a moment before continuing, “I had tried to force you to stay by my side by sealing your powers. In return, it nearly took your life. If there’s a second chance, I definitely wouldn’t make such a blunder again…”

It was destined for him to be attracted to this girl from their first encounter. She seemed to always be at the centre of the limelight, giving off dazzling rays of light.

But she chose to be with another man…

If he didn’t use the wrong method of getting her due to being blinded by his love for her and constantly stayed by her side like Ye Wu Chen, would she have chosen him instead?

Feng Jing Tian smiled bitterly.

‘This heartless girl has only brought me pain and sorrow after snatching my heart away.

‘How can it be easy for me to forget her completely? I can’t help but to want to tear the corpses of those that are being disrespectful toward her into tiny pieces!’

“Feng Jing Tian, you will be able to let go of those feelings sooner or later.” Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze to look at Feng Jing Tian. Everything would become dull in time…  

The lifespan of a Martial Practitioner was extremely long. Hence, she hoped that Feng Jing Tian would let go of his feelings for her as time passed. Otherwise, his entire life would be really bitter and painful…

Feng Jing Tian smiled as he replied softly, “I hope so…”

But he knew that it was impossible!

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything further as she could feel a sour smell permeating the Alchemy Book, making her smile uncontrollably.

‘That fellow Ye Wu Chen has become jealous again.

‘He nearly exited the Alchemy book upon hearing what You Lan said. If I didn’t warn him, perhaps the current outcome would already be unimaginable…’

You Lan bit her lips with her gaze filled with slight resentment. She then looked toward Mu Ru Yue with deep hatred.

However, she didn’t dare to say anything further even if she wanted to let the other powers know how Mu Ru Yue really was since Feng Jing Tian was present…

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