EAA Chapter 706


Chapter 706  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 1

The rustling sound of grasses was heard. Following that, a snow-white robed figure walked out from it.

“This is the world within the Divine Medicine Magic Array?”

The girl in white robe knitted her brows as she glanced at the clear blue sky. With an indifferent expression, she commented, “This place is indeed ideal for alchemists to train here. It is a pity that there isn’t a need for me to continue improving my mental power.”

More importantly, her connection with the Alchemy Book was severed after coming to this place. It was as though something was obstructing its existence…


Currently, Xiao Yue and Qing Yi were all inside the Alchemy Book. If she was unable to summon them, it seemed that she would meet with slight trouble this time…

“But,” She chuckled lightly before continuing, “The energy in this world is plentiful. Even if the martial energy wasn’t comparable to the energy for mental power, it was much stronger than the outside world. I will need to stay in here for three months anyway. How about I just start cultivating…”

She felt the energy around her intensifying the further she walked into the world. Yet, Mu Ru Yue didn’t stop at any moment. She instead looked around in the Divine Medicine Magic Array for a cavern to start cultivating in seclusion…

A man was standing on the mountain range filled with clouds and mists inside the Immortal Doctor Sect with his silver hair fluttering in the wind. He had an emotionless expression as though he wasn’t being dyed by the mundane world He looked like an exiled immortal from afar. He looked so handsome that he didn’t seem mortal.

Shangguan Feng was curious for a moment as she walked to stand behind the man. She stood so close to him that she could even feel the cold aura emitting from the man’s body.

When the breeze blew past, an elegant sweet fragrance entered her nose. It was so pleasant that it might muddle people’s mind.

However, Shangguan Feng had a glacial expression from the start. Her astonishment appeared and vanished in a split second as though it had never appeared.

“Mr Murong, why did you choose to set the competition to be held within the Divine Medicine Magic Array?”

She was clearer than anyone as to what was within the Divine Medicine Magic Array! It was an array from thousands of years ago. Even if she wanted Murong Qing Chu to change his mind, it was impossible!

She just hoped that Mu Ru Yue would die under those people’s hands before she meets that person…  

Murong Qing Chu lifted his handsome face slightly with coldness in his indifferent eyes. He didn’t reply to Shangguan Feng’s question and his eyes stayed as calm as usual without a single ripple.

“I didn’t attend the previous gathering but I seem to have heard some rumours.” Murong Qing Chu’s voice was indifferent, but it mysteriously sent a chill in people’s heart. He continued, “I don’t want anything to happen in the Immortal Doctor Sect nor do I want to hear anyone from the sect vilifying the disciples that came to participate in this large event.”

The man finally turned his head to look at Shangguan Feng upon saying that.

Shangguan Feng’s heart skipped a beat when her gaze met with Murong Qing Chu’s cold eyes. A trace of astonishment finally surged in her glacial eyes.

‘Mr Murong is protecting that girl?’

Shangguan Feng’s body shuddered before she smiled self mockingly.

This kind of unfeeling immortal-like guy should not be attracted by that kind of girl. He should most probably be considering the reputation of the Immortal Doctor Sect and not due to protecting that girl.

“I understand.” A trace of a peculiar ray of light shone past Shangguan Feng’s eyes as she sneered before continuing, “I will make You Lan apologise to her once she is back.”

The prerequisite was that she was able to return…

‘How can Mu Ru Yue leave the Divine Medicine Magic Array that easily? Even if she manages to survive three months within it, I will break the spiritual stone that is the key to control the array. Mu Ru Yue would then be forever stuck within the magic array for her entire life and eternity!’

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  1. Ohhh so it is like that…she does not need it anymore…I thought it would be good if it will help her to stabilize even more her mantal powers…
    Ohhh this title…Bai Ze will be reveled (my constant clamour of his name in those recent past chapters did summoned him! I wonder if as Tian´er Master? heheheheh ahhh my own wishful thinking)
    In other things….will this Inmortal Doctor Scet survive all of this….always in this kind of things I would say “This sect will dissapear and whatever…kill them all and everything…” but since this Murong Qung Qi? -can´t remember his name- is the real Little Master of the Sect…it should survive right? or it will be shake off of all those parassite people living there?…xD

    1. Ohhh so there is Bai Ze…
      No, He IS actually protecting her…
      And well…he should already see throught that plan of hers…xD

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  2. Oh, sí rompes la piedra… tú tampoco tendrás lo que deseas tks tks… en serio ¿cuánto falta para verla sufrir?

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