EAA Chapter 707


Chapter 707 -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 2

She would do that even if the Divine Medicine Magic Array was something that she had refined previously…

A ray of sunlight entered the dark and damp cavern. The girl that was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed opened her eyes abruptly. She then gently released a  mouthful of breath.

“Nearly two months have passed so it is about time. I should start leaving this place.”


She stood up while saying that. But a clamour was heard from outside the cavern at this instant, making her frown subconsciously. She moved in a flash out of the cavern.

The cavern was currently surrounded by a group of people, discussing something. A trace of astonishment flashed past their eyes when they saw Mu Ru Yue walking toward them.


A green-robed girl that was in the middle of the crowd snorted coldly. She then glanced with disdain at Mu Ru Yue before saying cynically, “I really don’t know how thick her face is to dare to appear at this place after seducing a taken man. She probably didn’t expect the girl that she had hurt was the missing daughter of the head of the Immortal Doctor sect. She must definitely be greatly shocked inwardly and is extremely remorseful!”

The green-robed girl, Fu Qing (pay green), was a daughter of an elder in the Medicine Sect. She usually liked to meddle in other people’s business. What she despised the most was wretch girls that successfully seduced a taken man. Hence, she naturally didn’t have any good impressions regarding Mu Ru Yue after hearing what You Lan said,…

Mu Ru Yue glanced indifferently at her and didn’t say anything. It was as though she didn’t hear Fu Qing’s voice that was drenched with mockery.

Fu Qing’s expression changed suddenly. Just when she wanted to continue saying further, an impatient voice was heard from her side, “Enough! Fu Qing, don’t forget the purpose as to why we are here!”

Fu Qing shut her mouth upon hearing that. But she continued to looke at Mu Ru Yue with undisguised contempt.

The others similarly looked at Mu Ru Yue with mockery in their eyes.

“Quickly look! The mountain door is opening!”

A stirred up voice was suddenly heard at this moment. Everyone instantly shifted their gazes toward the mountain door…

“The mountain door is opening. Haha! I read from an ancient book that there is a mighty demon beast in the depth of the Divine Medicine Magic Array long ago. If anyone is able to subdue that demon beast, their power would increase multiple folds!”

A man from the Martial Sect said that before he laughed brazenly, charging toward the opening mountain door…


Yet, the entire mountain seemed to have shaken for a moment the instant he set foot into the mountain door. Following that, an enormous boulder came rolling down toward them. The man that was charging into the door was squashed into a meat paste before he could even react.

“Quickly get out of the way!”

The crowd’s expression changed drastically as they moved out of the way in all directions. The enormous boulder continued rolling down the mountain path. Some of the disciples failed to move out of the way in time, making them face the same consequence as that man from the Martial Sect…

“Damn it!” Fu Qing’s complexion paled with cold sweat flowing down from her forehead. It would be alright if it was an ordinary rock, but the outer layer of that rock was coated with a firm layer of Black Meteor Metal. The Black Meteor Metal was abnormally durable that even the sharpest blade might not even be able to destroy it.

“It seems that the Divine Medicine Magic Array is indeed dangerous.”

The one that commented as Peng Fei (Roc flying) of the Martial Sect. He gripped tightly on his sword with vigilance in his eyes.

“Everyone, be careful! This place will definitely be littered with traps!”

He frowned slightly as he raised his head to look at the mountain path before him while saying in a serious heavy tone.

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  1. Ohh wow…if she couldn´t compare herself to the past life Yue´er, but was this powerful already…wow…really…this foe is something else and MC and ML are what kind of powerful expert…and we should know once Zi Feng die, they will need to go against those experts that caused the heavenly lighting!

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