EAA Chapter 708


Chapter 708 -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 3

Fu Qing suddenly glanced toward Mu Ru Yue that was heading toward the mountain door. She then sneered and mocked, “You also want to enter this place? It is a pity that you will only be seeking death with your current cultivation.”

Nevertheless, Mu Ru Yue seemed to be turning a deaf ear to what she said as she continued to enter the mountain door…  

“Let’s head in as well!” Fu Qing gritted her teeth as she glared furiously at Mu Ru Yue before snorting coldly and ridiculed, “She is just from a puny Pill Tower. It can’t be that she is also interested in that mighty demon beast, right? But it is obvious that demon beasts dislike weaklings. She perhaps will not even be able to enter its sight.”

Everyone headed to the mountain door after hearing what she said.


Mu Ru Yue knitted her brows slightly. It was obscure to her why she felt a nostalgic aura after the mountain door opened…

That aura seemed to have come from a soul, beckoning her to go to it…

“Quickly look, that is the tremendously precious Spector Flower! I’ve heard that this flower is an ingredient in making a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Spirit Pill. This medicinal ingredient can also be used to improve the mental power of the consumer!”

“Isn’t… isn’t that the Holy Spirit Fruit from the legends that will enable an ordinary person to directly break through to the Mystic realm without any side effects?”

Gasping sounds were heard momentarily.

The Holy Spirit Fruit stirred people up more than the Spirit Pill as the Holy Spirit Fruit that defied natural order had already been extinct for several years.

Moreover, the consumer would be able to breakthrough directly to the Mystic Realm no matter if they were just ordinary people!

There also wouldn’t be any side effects even if their cultivation wouldn’t be as stable as those that reached the Mystic Realm arduously with their own might…

Furthermore, the Divine Medicine Magic Array possessed such a priceless Holy Spirit Fruit! But why didn’t the Immortal Doctor Sect use such heaven-defying item to increase the might of their disciples?

These people naturally didn’t know that even though the legendary Divine Medicine Magic Array was within the Immortal Doctor Sect, the current head of the sect didn’t have the qualification to activate the magic array. Only Murong Qing Chu, excluding that lord, had the might to activate it in the entire Central Region…

Thus, it wasn’t that Shangguan Lan didn’t want to activate the magic array. It was that she didn’t have the qualification to activate it! How could this kind of magic array such as the Divine Medicine Magic Array be activated by an ordinary person?


A dragon’s roar was heard at this instant, making everyone’s heart to shudder for a moment. Shock permeated their eyes.

When everyone turned their head to the direction of the sound, they saw a fire dragon flying in midair. Its ruthless eyes didn’t have the slightest humanity in them. All there was in its eyes was bloodthirsty killing intent…

“Dragon! It’s the legendary dragon race!”

“I didn’t expect to be able to see a dragon in my life…”

Astonishment filled the crowd’s eyes as they were tremendously shocked at what they were seeing. But once their gazes met with the enormous dragon’s ruthless eyes, a horrendous terror developed in their hearts.

That’s right! It was indeed terror!

What was the best way to describe why they had their current feeling? They were like ants before the enormous dragon. The dragon would be able to instant kill everyone here with just its fire breath.


The fire dragon let out another roar as boundless flames were emitted from its body. It was as though trying to burn the entire sky. The flames from its body intensified continuously.


Following that, a tempest rose from its surrounding.

The vibrant flames seemed to have lit up the entire sky to a reddish orange colour.

When the tempest struck toward the ground, the trees in that area were instantly annihilated. But at this moment, a white figure suddenly flashed toward the red glowing sky charging rapidly toward the tall tree that reaches the sky.

“Is that girl a fool? She really doesn’t care about her life in order to obtain treasures!”


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