EAA Chapter 709


Chapter 709 -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 4

When Fu Qing saw Mu Ru Yue heading to the Holy Spirit Fruit tree, she smirked mockingly with intense ridicule expressed in her eyes.

In her point of view, the girl would definitely die without a doubt…

“Quickly dodge the flames!”

Peng Fei shouted anxiously. Everyone soared to the sky, retreating from the flames at that instant. Some of them were unable to dodge the flames in time, instantly turning into ashes under the flames…


Vibrant flames burned in the entire mountain valley. It was like a fire pillar that reached the sky had expanded inside the mountain valley, leaving it in a sorry state…

Beneath the crowd was the mountain valley that was in a sea of flames while there was an enormous fire dragon on top of them. Fortunately, the fire dragon vanished after releasing its fire breath…

“She is really a fool!”

Fu Qing frowned slightly. She had never seen such a fool after living for so many years. Some people were unable to even dodge while only that fool would charge toward it head on.

‘She definitely won’t be able to survive those flames and her bones will never be found…

‘Even I won’t be able to survive under those flames so not to mention a twenty years old youthful girl! With my current might, I doubt I will be able to get out from those flames alive!’

“Let’s continue to head forth. It seems that we have a really long path ahead of us.”

Fu Qing withdrew her gaze with a cold smile on her face.

But she astonishingly discovered that everyone was staring at a direction with horror in their eyes.

She was stunned for a moment before following the crowd’s gaze.

She was nearly stupefied from that sight.

The flames had gathered in an area, forming an enormous fire tempest. Yet, the sight of a white-robed girl figure getting closer to them from within the vibrant flames entered her clear eyes.

The girl’s white-robed was spotlessly clean as she walked out of the flames with her usual cold expression. Not to mention being burned to ashes, she didn’t even lose a single strand of her hair.

Fu Qing immediately covered her lips with her eyes widened as though she just saw a ghost. Her expression was really exaggerated. The complexion of her face changed from white to green. Something seemed to be stuck in her throat, making her unable to voice out.

Her body shuddered as her entire body shook uncontrollably.

This girl managed to survive under the intense flames that could kill even a large and robust bear…

Mu Ru Yue seemed to have failed to notice the crowd’s stunned expression as a glint shone past her eyes.

Her storage ring was still functional even though she was unable to use her alchemy book, not to mention aliasing with Ye Wu Chen or her demon beasts inside the Alchemy Book.

It could be deduced that this place only restricted the relationship of contracts to her.

She had contracted the Alchemy Book so she could use the Alchemy Book to communicate with Ye Wu Chen. But since her contract with the Alchemy Book had been restricted, she naturally wouldn’t be able to communicate with her man…

There wasn’t a need to even think that Ye Wu Chen would definitely be tremendously anxious after losing contact with her…

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly while caressing the storing ring on her finger. There wouldn’t be a way to keep the Holy Spirit Fruit Tree if the storage ring failed to work…

“How… are you completely fine?” Fu Qing was stunned as she looked at the girl’s impeccable face with slight astonishment. She currently didn’t know what to think at this instant.

It certainly would be lie to think that the flames didn’t touch her body.

A chill was sent to her soul the moment she saw that girl walked out of the flames. That girl was always so indifferent and cold at any moment. Would such a girl really seduce a taken man?

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  1. So Bailarina De Is a dragon? No this Is nota Bai Ze, he shpuld be related to the wolf race AND withe things xD

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