EAA Chapter 710


Chapter 710  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 5

Fu Qing suddenly thought back about that girl’s expression when You Lan insulted her previously.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t explain herself or admit to doing so. But her expression in the crowd’s eyes was as though she was silently agreeing to what You Lan said. Yet, currently, it didn’t seem that she was doing so. It should be due to her being unaffected from what people commented about her instead.

In other words, it would be hard for anyone to create a change in her expression no matter what they said…

Fu Qing bit her lips with a tinge of complex gaze that flashed past her eyes. But she didn’t say anything in the end.


Mu Ru Yue didn’t give them a glance from the start. She just walked past the crowd, heading toward the burnt ground before them…

“Let’s go as well!”

Peng Fei snapped out from his shock. He then brandished his hand downwards to signal for the disciples from the Martial Sect to follow Mu Ru Yue.

“I wonder what protective treasure she has on her!”

A man in an embroidered robe from the Medicine Sect narrowed his eyes slightly. With a trace of greed that flickered in his eyes, he continued, “That treasure is able to withstand that intense fire. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to charge out of the flames with her cultivation. If only I can get a hold of that treasure…”

Hmph!” Fu Qing snorted coldly as she glanced toward that embroidered robe man before continuing, “Wu Xin (prosperity), don’t lose sight of why we are here for. It is for the Immortal Doctor Banquet!”

The embroidered robed man known as Wu Xin smiled sinisterly as he persuaded, “Fu Qing, I will definitely let you play with that treasure for a couple of days after I obtain it. It is undeniable that girl indeed looks so alluring. Since she seduced the young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect’s man, she must have done it due to that man being rather outstanding in some areas. If that’s the case, I will let her experience who is better! That girl will definitely not leave me after that!”

The embroidered man licked the corner of his lip with his smile incredibly lecherous.

Fu Qing’s expression changed slightly as she rebuked, “Wu Xin, aren’t you afraid that I will tell this to the head of the sect? Moreover, how can the Medicine Sect be in its current dire state if it wasn’t for the head of the sect to be engrossed in alchemy research, completely neglecting the sect?”

Everyone only knew that the head of the Medicine Sect was a mysterious elder.

It was rumoured that nobody had seen the head of the sect before. Nothing seemed to interest that old man other than having an obsession to alchemy.

Thus, the Medicine Sect was passed to an elder to govern it while the head focused wholeheartedly on alchemy research.

Wu Xin disagreed with Fu Qing’s opinion as he chuckled and replied, “You may not even be able to see the head of the sect. Moreover, I was just kidding anyway. Why are you taking it so seriously?”

Yet, his eyes still stayed focus on Mu Ru Yue while he said that with the lust in his eyes intensifying.

‘This girl not only seduced the young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect’s man, she also has a close relationship with that red-haired man. I don’t think my appearance is too inferior as compared to that red haired man that has a devastatingly beautiful face. My bed skills should at least definitely be superior to those guys…

‘If I can get such a girl with impeccable appearance beneath me, how high will I be in ecstasy.’

Wu Xin’s eyes glazed over increasingly when he thought about the scene where that white-robed girl before him shouting with all her heart beneath him…

“Stop bickering! We should prioritize on our task now!”

The one that said that was He Shao Yuan that was the representative among the youthful disciples of the Medicine Sect this time. Slight impatience was expressed on his face with his tone similarly cold.

Nevertheless, He Shao Yuan held a fairly high position among the youths of the Medicine Sect so the two of them instantly shut their mouths upon hearing what he said, not saying another word…  

“Let’s go.” He Shao Yuan raised his gaze to look at the numerous disciples from various powers before them before continuing, “We must not return to the Medicine Sect empty-handed after coming here even if we aren’t able to contract with that rumoured mighty demon beast.”

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