EAA Chapter 714


Chapter 714  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 9

But what really made people shock was that the owner of the Pill Tower was so strong! She only looked like a twenty-three to twenty-four years old youthful girl.

How abnormal was she to be able to instant defeat a Mystic Realm expert at her age?

Fu Qing bit hard on her lip with her face pale. She originally thought that Mu Ru Yue didn’t have much cultivation. But it seemed that she actually was really formidable.

If she had managed to provoke her previously, it would be really easy for her to take her life…


“Lady!”A sombre voice was heard from a disciple from the Medicine Sect. “We should spare people when we can. Don’t you think that you are being too much?”

“Too much?” Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly as she rebuked, “If I am not strong enough, what do you think my outcome will be? I would have been humiliated by him and more importantly, all of my treasures would be been stolen by all of you grouping up against me, leaving only my corpse behind! Hence, I don’t think that I’m in the wrong! This continent reveres experts. I have the strength to protect myself so why should I be pressured by you guys?”

Hua Yun’s (splendid cloud) face turned increasingly gloomy. Wu Xin was one of the member of their Medicine Sect no matter what. Thus, Mu Ru Yue’s action was akin to viciously slapping the face of the Medicine Sect.

How could he tolerate that?

“Lady, please remember that it is best to leave a line in everything you do so as to decrease your amount of foes. There won’t be any benefits from what you did today by overdoing it!”

Hua Yun lifted his head as he used a teaching tone to preach her.

Mu Ru Yue smiled and with coldness filled eyes, she replied, “But what I know is when someone bullies me and if I don’t counterattack them, they will think that I can be bullied. They will only bully me even more.”

“It seems that the lady is quite stubborn. It can’t be that you want to oppose my entire Medicine Sect, right?” Hua Yun’s expression turned ashen as he clenched his fist so tightly that it made crackling sounds.

“I’m sorry.” Mu Ru Yue’s smile intensified before continuing, “Your Medicine Sect seems to overestimate yourselves. All of you aren’t my match!”


A clamour rose among the crowd.

Nobody was able to imagine that Mu Ru Yue would say such brazen words!

Even if she was rather strong, she didn’t have the qualification to not place any importance on the Medicine Sect. The sect master of the Medicine Sect was not only a Spiritual Realm strong expert, he was also a mighty alchemist!

Who was she to dare not place any importance on the Medicine Sect?

“Haha!” Hua Yun raised his head and laughed before saying heavily, “Lady Mu is like a newborn calf that isn’t afraid of the tiger. This kind of spirit is indeed praiseworthy. But you need to be clear about the situation. You are indeed powerful. However, since you are the owner of the Pill Tower, you should be the strongest within the Pill Tower. You think that you can oppose my Medicine Sect just by yourself?”

A tinge of anger could be heard in his voice as he continued, “You must give an explanation to our Medicine Sect today. Otherwise, I swear that I won’t drop this matter!”

Although Hua Yun similarly looked down upon Wu Xin, he must protect her no matter what as a member of the Medicine Sect…

On the other hand, He Shao Yuan who was the leader of the group didn’t say anything. He had just lowered his gaze, pondering about something…

“Explanation?” Mu Ru Yue raised her eyes slightly.


Flames surged toward Wu Xin who had collapsed on the ground, sending him flying a couple of metres back.

“This… is my explanation!”

How was it to be domineering?

When people sought for an explanation, they gave that answer as their explanation! If this wasn’t a serious situation, they would have worshipped this girl…

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