EAA Chapter 715


Chapter 715  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 10

“Good! Very good!” Hua Yun chuckled coldly before continuing, “Since you don’t appreciate my kind intentions, don’t blame me for being impolite!”


Hua Yun formed into a sword, piercing toward Mu Ru Yue. Yet, the mountain gave off an alarming sound at this moment, making his body to momentarily freeze in midair. He then looked with astonishment beneath him…

That sight had stupefied him.


There was a formidable enormous demon beast that suddenly appeared inside the mountain valley. Its eyes were ruthless and sharp. Saliva kept flowing out from its mouth, giving off a sickening stench.

“Eight Clawed Fire Dragon! It is really the Aggressive Eight Clawed Fire Dragon!”

This demon beast had eight claws. If it wasn’t the Eight Clawed Fire Dragon, what would it be? But why did this demon beast appeared at this place?

Hua Yun’s body jolted. He then shifted his gaze to He Shao Yuan who was standing at a side. His gaze landed on a torn seal talisman before He Shao Yuan.

“Seal talisman? Shao Yuan, are you the one that summoned this demon beast?”

Seal talisman was something that could be used to seal demon beasts. The demon beast could be summoned at any time by tearing the talisman. But how did He Shao Yuan possess the seal talisman for this Aggressive Eight Clawed Fire Dragon?

“He Shao Yuan, you should know what aggressive beast is!” Currently, Hua Yun no longer cared about anything as he shouted frantically, “Aggressive beast are ruthless in nature. They sometimes just massacre without differentiating between their enemy and comrade! You will wipe out the entire group by summoning this aggressive beast!”

He Shao Yuan smiled lightly but he replied with sinister filled eyes, “I didn’t have a choice. The Immortal Doctor Sect has already promised me that if I did this, they will allow me to enter the Immortal Doctor Sect with a high status. The Medicine Sect indeed is good, but there is still a disparity between it and the Immortal Doctor Sect. As the proverb says, ‘man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down’ so I hope that all of you will understand my decision…”

Overflowing fury blazed in Hua Yun’s chest. With his voice being shaky from anger, he yelled, “He Shao Yuan, all of us trusted you tremendously. Yet, you have let us down!”

“Haha!” He Shao Yuan couldn’t help to chuckle as he replied, “Trust? What use will your trusts do for me? It will be your death day in this Immortal Doctor Banquet. All of you, excluding me, will die here today! The sect master initially wanted to use another method to end all of your lives. Who knew that their superior would suddenly come, setting the Divine Medicine Magic Array as the location for the competition? But there isn’t much of a difference. All of you must die here today without exception! I will be able to enter the sect master’s eyes once all of you die…”

“He Shao Yuan, we have known each other for so many years. You really want to abandon your comrades for power?” Fu Qing yelled furiously with sorrow and disappointment filled eyes.

She didn’t expect that He Shao Yuan would betray them.

‘The medicine sect did not treat him badly so why is he doing this?’

Fu Qing’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she shut her eyes from her sorrow. But when she opened her eyes again, a sharp gaze surged out of her clear eyes, shooting like a dagger toward the man before her.

“I’ve already mentioned that ‘man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down’ so since I have a better path, I will naturally choose to betray!”

He Shao Yuan sniggered. He then rapidly retreated with a flash of his body.

The Eight Clawed Fire Dragon gave out a torrential roar. The sky seemed to have rippled instantly. An oppressive force covered the area, making the crowd to be unable to move in the slightest…

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  1. Isn’t Bai Ze the white haired guy who was in love with MRY in her past life or I’m mixing up characters. Sorry, if I am.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Usually I would say that I’m baffled by these characters who are always so surprised about getting fucked over when it was they who gave those resources and opportunities to their enemy…but I guess this time (even though the Medicine Sect disciples seem…not to have a lot of logical reasoning, to put it lightly) this was a genuine betrayal? *bewildered shrug* Thanks for translating Miki!

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