EAA Chapter 716


Chapter 716 -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 11

Despair filled everyone’s heart at this instant. They were young talents from various large powers after all. When did they face such a crisis?

More importantly, there was an aggressive ancient beast before them!

“Doomed! We are all doomed this time!”

“That damnable He Shao Yuan! I will never forgive him!”


Everyone was enraged at this moment but they couldn’t do anything in this situation. Yet, it was obvious that if they were able to survive this ordeal, they would tear He Shao Yuan’s corpse into tiny pieces!


The Eight Clawed Fire Dragon ran briskly toward them. All of its eight legs stomped on Wu Xin’s body as it came over to them, instantly making his internal organs to burst out from his body.

However, nobody could care about the status of Wu Xin at this moment. They currently couldn’t even guarantee their own survival so who would have the time to be concerned over a trash?


Flames shot out from the Eight Clawed Fire Dragon’s mouth. It was like a volcanic eruption coming over to them. The crowd wanted to dodge the flames but they couldn’t use a single ounce of their might. Hence, they could only watch on as the flames shot over to them…

“This is bad!”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze gloomed with deep thoughts that flashed past her eyes.

‘If only if I can make a connection with the Alchemy Book, I can enter it to escape from this calamity. But I can’t think of any ways in regaining the connection to the Alchemy Book…

‘Can it be that I will die here?


‘I definitely mustn’t die!

‘If I die, I will lose the contract with the Alchemy Book. It will then become ownerless once again, willfully drifting around. Moreover, without the contract, Ye Wu Chen and the demon beasts inside the Alchemy Book would be stuck inside the book…

Mu Ru Yue’s heart stung when she thought about that charming and affectionate man.

‘I can’t… can’t make him live in solitary for so many years…

‘But I don’t have any solution in dealing with this crisis…’

The flames had burned several people into ashes, unable to put up any resistance against it. Mu Ru Yue raised her cold gaze slightly when she saw the flames nearing her. A rare change of her expression was shown on her impeccable face…  

Fu Qing, who was not far from Mu Ru Yue, raised her head to look at Mu Ru Yue with a trace of struggle in her heart. Yet, the following scene made her pupils contract. Her pupils seemed to have contracted to the size of a pinhead.

White hair fluttered slightly in midair. His white robes looked so elegant as he stood before Mu Ru Yue, protecting her behind him.

The man’s figure was lean and slender but he unexpectedly gave people a sense of security. He just raised his hand slightly.


He had blocked all of the flames away from him.

Mu Ru Yue’s heart tightened abruptly as she stared fixedly at the man before her. She subconsciously parted her lips but was unable to voice out a single word…

The man turned around all of sudden. His white robe under the sunlight looked so pure and holy. His white hairs that arouses sympathy brushed gently against Mu Ru Yue’s face, giving off a lily sweet scent…

Mu Ru Yue was finally able to see the man’s appearance at this instant.

He had white hair and brows. He was really handsome. There wasn’t any sorrow in his eyes when she first met him as excitement replaced it instead when he looked at the girl before him.

The man before her looked like an immortal just like Murong Qing Chu.

However, there was a difference between the two of them. Murong Qing Chu looked like a genuine calm immortal that didn’t feast upon the food of the common populace since he didn’t carry any other emotions other than calmness and coldness.

But the man before her seemed to have a devilish heart under his immortal-like grandeur. That devilish heart was sufficient in annihilating the entire continent.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be known as an aggressive best thousand of years ago!

It was precisely due to his ruthlessness that the world deemed him as an aggressive beast…

The man lowered his gaze slightly. He raised his hand, wanting to caress the face of the girl before him. But he placed down his hand before touching her face. Intense longingness was reflected in his eyes.

“I’ve waited for you for a thousand years. You have finally returned…”

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